Tuesday, February 1, 2011

welcome february!!!

Welcome February!!

 I am so glad that January is gone! But it looks like February is going to be coming in like a lion. Yup more snow today and tomorrow! Ugh! Could get a foot of snow! I sound excited with all the exclamation marks, but I'm really not, but might as well be, it's coming weather I want it or not. So I'll dig out my ski pants after the clean up and play more king of the hill with the kiddos!! And make some "red neck" s'mores, (TY FTCF for the idea) and drink some hot coco! So with that I dug out some older pictures that I felt like sharing and they don't contain snow!! Green grass and sunshine!! From July of '09. And a little more about us and our life on the farm! The kiddos are so little too :-( They grow too fast. So brief and fleeting is their childhood. And since I have lots of laundry sitting on my bed and more in the dryer I think I'll sit down and blog instead! I'll fold clothes later!

So sit back and enjoy the sun, beautiful blue sky, and green grass that is sure to come... sometime this year!

My girl is so in love with these two ponies! She sat out with them for hours! 

Takin a snooze in the sun. They seem content. And they were.
Who are these two ponies? Well not ours. Abby woke me up one morning running around her pasture and neighing her head off. I could hear her running in and out of her stall. I peeked out the window and saw these two horses (I thought they were horses, until I got up close to then). It was probably 6amish. I went back into the bedroom and teasingly asked Matthew if he had gotten me some new horses. He just gave me a blank stare and said. No. He's not a morning person, at all. I said that there were 2 horses that are not ours and not the neighbors horses. That got him up, and I headed out the door, with him coming behind me. I have old halters and went right up the them. They were very friendly and welcomed my petting them. I slipped halters on them and  put them in the grass pasture we had set up for Abby. We called everyone we knew that had horses and no one knew where they had come from. In turn they called everyone they could think of in the area that had horses. We found horse tracks all over the place up and down the road. We gave them water and they drank it down. By then the kiddos are up and very excited to see them. We burst their bubbles when we said they are not ours and probably would not be keeping them. The thought of someone just dumping them on our lawn entered our thoughts too. It's happened. We have horses, so why not two more? We had lots of what we call "rubber neck's" coming by our place to see our new additions they had heard about. We live on a back country road, and know just about everyone who drives by. We got phone calls from nosy people who wanted to know about them too. I didn't answer the phone to answer their questions. If someone had called me and said they were missing some ponies I would have answered, and let them describe them to me and prove they were theirs. Call me crazy, but that's what I would have done. We had them for two days, and they stayed right in that pasture. When we heard that we were getting some heavy rain for days on end, we called a friend who has a much bigger barn and lots of other horses to see if she would take them, because we had no place to get them out of the weather. She came and got them. That was a chore loading them on her trailer. Clearly they didn't travel much in trailers, or ever. Got more rope burn then anything. At one point I thought they were going to take Abby's fence down! The kiddos were so sad. We still hadn't found the owners at that point, and didn't know if we had just been gifted two ponies... what were we to do with them? They were not trained either, Matthew tried to ride the bay, and he just spun around so fast he fell off. He tried again, and it was obvious that he wasn't broke to ride! He was laughing though, and he didn't get hurt. Well, thankfully later that day we found the owners. They live probably 8 or so miles from us. The owners had been on vacation and had just gotten home, and when they went to feed their beloved ponies and found they were gone, they started making phone calls. So all ended well there, except the kiddos broken hearts. But we went over the the ponies house and they saw they were happy and well loved along with lots of other animals.
And two random pictures!

I just thought this was funny. I found these two eggs in the nesting boxes. Same age chickens, but one is clearly farther along in her egg laying production then the other!

For my boy. He loves John Deere.
Now I must go and fold the laundry, so at some point I can go to bed tonight and not have tons of laundry on my bed! And there is always another meal to get going too!

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  1. We have horses pop up around here from time to time also. And yes, I have wondered about people dropping them off. It has happened.