Wednesday, February 16, 2011

chicken pops...

Been a while so it seems since my last post. I really haven't even been on the computer at all. I haven't been swamped with things to do, other then my normal things of life to do, like laundry... Actually the kiddos have not been feeling well. Fevers, belly aches, not eating much, laying around on the couch, not really into anything. I know why too. They were exposed to the chicken pox, or as Rachel calls them the chicken pops! One of my sisters kids got the pox and passed it on... Yea, you read that right. We willingly let them be exposed too. Had an old fashioned chicken pox party, and well now two of the kiddos have the pox. Came down with the spots today. So two down and two to go! And yes we are hoping the other two will get them. Sounds bad, but they will not be getting the shot. So now I'm afraid that the kiddos are home bound until the pox are over! That means I am too, but the good side of that is I would be anyways because it's sooooo close to being sap season that we will be running with that! The kiddos can help and not be around people and sit in the car if they want while we collect. We use buckets and collect everyday. Sometimes twice a day depending on the day! We are chomping at the bit to get going too. So soon I will have pictures to share with our sapping season!!! Can't wait either we are all out of maple syrup and I had to actually buy some! Horrors!! Didn't like to do that, but we love to eat it with pancakes, waffles, and my favorite french toast! Matthew likes to put some in his milk and have maple milk, the kiddos do too, me eh it's OK. I'd rather have chocolate milk!
The weekend with my nephew went well. He's a good kid and he and Little Matt are best buddies. The doughnuts and waffles were a huge hit with him, he ate lots of them, and I sent some home with him! He was really hoping he could have some doughnuts and waffles while he was at my house, we tend to have those a lot!  And he may be getting the pox too. We'll see... I think his mother wants him to have them!! hahaha sorry sis, but it's better this way!!!
All the family parties we went to were fun, it's nice to visit with the families, and let the kiddos play with all their cousins. They sure do have lots of them!
The man and I finally got to have our date out! No not on the 14th, it's way over rated in our opinion! We had a wonderful evening with just the two of us. And I didn't have to cook supper, or do the dishes!!  The kiddos were with his parents. I love it when he "dates" me!! Yea we still date! It's important to us that we continue to date or pursue each other!
So until next time, hopefully with some pictures of us tapping trees, if we can get through the snow we have to trudge though!!

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  1. We were just talking last night that it will soon be time to tap some trees! Last year was our first time sapping and we love it! Cannot wait to do even more this year. Mmmmmmmm