Thursday, February 17, 2011


The eves were dripping, the snow was melting, the dead, mud covered lawn was starting to peek out from under all the snow and ice, the clouds were the happy fluffy ones and the sky was a most beautiful shade of blue! The hens were out scratching and happily clucking at the grass bits they found hoping to find a bug. The sun was out in full force warming me all over, reminding me that I will be saved from this long, cold, snowy winter to enjoy the beauty of the warmer months! I can't wait to smell the dirt! It was 45 degrees here today! Oh glory! I opened up the doors to air out the house too, then I went out and cleaned the horses stalls this afternoon wearing of course, my calf high rubber boots, signature jeans ( I love my jeans, I spend a lot of money for them, but they are so worth every penny! You know ladies the type of jeans you love, that fit every curve just right, and make the man look twice!!) and my very favorite, well worn, maroonish colored sweater, with a t-shirt under it! Oh it was delightful! Only bad thing is, the man took the camera with him today. Horrors! He needs his own camera! Time Out laid down in the sun and took a long nap all sprawled out! Two kiddos were sleeping, a much needed nap, and two of them wandered outside with me. They kept bugging me to get out their rubber boots, but I declined. The stalls cleaned well and I got it done quickly! Then soon all four kiddos were outside. Just a side bar here, why when the kiddos are sick the house seems to be even more of a disaster zone? It's not like they are getting things out, today they laid around on the couch and we watched movies. Some didn't get dressed until late this afternoon. Chicken pox are taking a toll today on two. I did get some cleaning done, and some laundry of course! I just took some bread out of the oven and oh it smells wonderful! I love the scent of fresh baked bread! I might go and cut off the crust and slap some butter on it and totally spoil my supper!!! But first...
I snapped some pictures before it got too dark. Can't see how beautiful it was today, but I wanted to share anyways!!

Bare ground, and sheep poop! Yea that is dead grass, but it's bare ground!

Time Out and Abby, my girls were not impressed they really wanted food, not to be blinded with the camera!

Laural, one of my handsome boys I couldn't find Hardy

Laural again, he was posing for the camera.

Minty, she just wanted to eat or was tired of being blinded by the flash! Or maybe this is her better side!

Love this picture of Daisy, covered in hay. Can't wait to have her shone and spin her wool!

Yes, she thinks she's beautiful. I don't think she's a bad looking hen,  kinda pretty don't  you think?

I made these the other day and just had to show them off! I love blueberry muffins. I have to admit I was inspired by the Kelly's Adventures in Kentucky when I saw their pictures of blueberries!! They were delsih!

Sunset tonight across the street. Would be better without the power lines.  I like sunsets better in the summer!

Check out that moon! Came out kinda bleary, but still looks good to me! Thats looking out back!

Guess this hen is a little more shy then the other one!  But she's still good looking! 

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  1. What great around the farm pictures :) I hope this means spring is here to stay! I would like to reach through the screen and gobble up one of those muffins! They look delicious! Hope the kiddo's start getting over the chicken pox soon!