Monday, February 21, 2011

monday confessions...

I had two kiddos mop the floors today, so after I swept they went to work! They have been bugging me to do it themselves, and today the floors really needed a good mopping, so I let them have at it!! I have one of those Swiffer wet mops. So never going back to the "other" kind of mop!! haha!! I like to throw the mess away and not have to clean up after cleaning! They had fun too, laughing and giggling the whole time. I have missed the happy noises they make, been kinda quiet around here with them not feeling well.
We were able to have school today too. I didn't push them too hard because they are still not 100%, but they were willing and happy to do it!! Yaay!!!

The man was off to help a friend and neighboring farmer to build a barn for his sheep. I believe it is post and beam! Lucky sheep! Check it out! Now I want one!!! Sure was a cold day to be outside in the wind putting up roof rafters!! Burrrr.....

putting up the rafters...

looking up at the hay loft...

the joinery, I love it, looks so nice!

putting up the last rafter...

done with the rafters, now it just needs the roof and siding! Looks real nice!

He also went out to an Amish farm last week and talked with one that does the deep pack bedding for his cows. We are interested in deep pack bedding our herd, when we get one. At present we are unable. We have done business with the Amish before and have gotten to know them well. So when he had mentioned he does deep pack bedding with his dairy cows, Matthew expressed interest in seeing it, he invited him out to see it. The straw the Amish men is using is the straw we sold him last fall from our Spelt! The Amish man also wanted to sell him a couple of heifer calves. Oh are they cute, Holstein/Jersey cross. He declined, we want Jersey cows, but still...
"give me a kiss..." oh they are too cute!!! Born on the same day, but not twins.

here is a picture of his deep pack bedding with our straw! He has been turning it this year to compost it faster. It's 3.5 feet deep right now. 

Looks nice and comfy to me, but I would still take my bed over this!!

these are the dry cows, they are in a different part, and are sleeping on a nice, dry, fluffy pillow!

I still have not done any of the winter knitting I wanted to do this winter. Kinda bummed about that. But it's not over yet... So maybe I still have time!! I saw my grandmother and she asked me if I had made any baby blankets and I said no, and some of my friends are expecting too. She laughed at me, and said I should get busy! Yea I know. I like to wait until the last minute! I also would like to try my hand at a hat and mittens! Hahah, that really is a stretch!

Oh you might get a laugh out of this. I made doughnuts Sunday morning, I never do that because we go to church and I don't have time, but due to the pox epidemic we have, we didn't go, so then this morning I offered them to the kiddos and they didn't want them! They didn't want them Sunday either! They wanted Raisin Bran cereal instead, and the I was told by some that "I don't like those doughnuts, I only like the other ones!!" OH MY WORD!!! Shocked I tell you and also thought it was funny! Guess I won't be making doughnuts anytime soon!! LOL. I made the cake kind of doughnut, and they now like the yeast kind of doughnut, from Pioneer Woman! Spoiled.  But truth be told I think I like 'em better too! I think next time I do make 'em I'm gonna put some chocolate on them!! I have yet to find a chocolate doughnut recipe that I like. Still hunting for that... Oh well, the man still likes them. Anyone want some doughnuts??


  1. That barn is beautiful. Could be mistaken for a home in progress.

  2. Hey Amy! Views of that barn is enough to make anyone jealous. Check out this blog: She has lots of info of how they deep bed during the winter. I deep bed my chickens, but had never heard of doing the cows before I read her blog. Lots of great info there. Also, do you think you'll sell straw again? I'd love to find someone local to buy ours from. Gotta admit, it's pretty hard to imagine kids refusing donuts, no matter what kind they are. :)

  3. uh I know a young lad who'd gobble them up porvided you made waffles too! he he he

  4. I'll have the doughnuts!!! It's a bit far to send them though! (Scotland) Think they may not taste so good when they get here!

  5. Doglady-that barn is beautiful!!

    MFG-I'll check it out! Thanks!! I know, kids right!!

    Claire- WOW!! Scotland! I don't think they would taste good either! Thanks for stopping by my blog, I went over and checked out yours!!

  6. Claire, was wondering how you found my blog, just wondering...