Tuesday, February 22, 2011

for nana...

My Mom came over for a visit late this morning into the afternoon. The kiddos were over the moon excited to see her too. They were quite literally hanging all over her. Truth be told I don't think she minded. I think with all our confinement and lack of company due to the epidemic we have, they really miss people. I know I do :(    I really haven't been anywhere. I did get to the store by myself last week but it was just to the local store and they charge an arm and a leg for everything, and don't have that great of a selection. But I can still blog and feel like I have contact with the outside world!! hahaha

Nana is in there somewhere! Having a Nana pile!!
This morning when the man went out to clean the cow stall he let her out, she went out then she turned right back around and came back in! She wanted nothing to do with being outside! It was nice and sunny, but the wind, oh that confounded wind! She's not stupid!
The kittens were MIA all day yesterday and I was sad, as were the kiddos.They are my boys and great mousers! We got some snow, just a little dusting and there were not tracks in the snow, and I had been out looking for them, and there was no sign of then anywhere. I did chores last night because Matthew was late in helping to build that beautiful barn yesterday, and he asked me about them. Then thankfully around 6:30 he went back out to get some firewood and he came back in and smiled and said they were back!! He got some milk and went out to give it to them! We all ended up going out to pet them and let them know we were glad to have them back. Yea we give the kittens milk every morning and night. They still drink a little bit too.

My boys. They are huge! They like to sleep in Maggie's hay!


  1. oh what of this I hear? YOU are giving "your boys" milk twice a day?! Isn't that within the realm of spoiling them????? hmm me thinkith so

  2. FTCF- yea I know! They love it though and we want them to stick around!! As long as they keep catching th mice, they can have the milk, we struck a deal with them!! haha

  3. There is nothing better in this world than being blanketed by grandbabies!
    Nana had a great day too ! ThanksAmy!!!
    And tell the kids I LOVE the donuts so much that I had 3 on the way home for my supper!!!