Saturday, February 12, 2011

play time!!!

Well the chickens are ordered and then I ordered more! Just two more though so now we'll have 20 new hens coming!
Yesterday when my sister came over to drop her son off she helped fix my computer problem with pictures. Apparently when you download a new program to your computer you also have to install it! Well somehow I managed to download the same program 3 times and not install it! She also got my computer and printer to talk and now I can print things off! Love that! Told you I was very computer savvy! Anyways it's fixed and now I can share pictures again! Very happy about that, and only managed to give my sister a mild stoke with my lack of computer knowledge! So thanks Sis!
I have been up since 7ish and have been cooking all morning. Just to share all what I have made this morning into the afternoon, waffles, doughnuts they took forever, bread, peanut butter brownies, and now a chicken is in the oven! One reason is one of my nephews came over for the weekend and he was really hoping to have waffles and doughnuts for breakfast. I usually don't make both, but figured since he was very excited about it, I'd make both!! Then we have a family supper tonight and I bring dessert, the bread I needed for lunch, and the chicken needs to cook for a meal some other night, then tomorrow we have another family get together! Matthew had some errands to run so he's off.  Kind of a busy weekend!   Keeps me on my toes though!

Currently all the kiddos, except Rachel are outside. She spent the night at her grandmothers with her cousin that is the same age as her last night and she needed a nap before tonight, she fell right to sleep too! I think the rest of the kiddos are either jumping off the deck, playing Daniel Boone or Davy Crockett or all three! The deck in not that high, and with all the snow we have it's even lower. Earlier they were sliding down our large snow banks! I got some cute pictures of them too!

Pulling each other up the hill...

taking turns... the cow is wondering what they are doing!

almost there...

having fun, boys? Yes!


  1. Craziness! Brute masculine strength, I love it! Hey, that handsome young chap in the yellow looks familiar....hmm, where have I seen him before????? lol

  2. FTCF Yup, they were all about taking that hill!! Not sure if you've seen that yellow jacket boy before though! LOL They had a blast together!!

  3. oh I know he, like me, must just "have one of those faces"