Wednesday, July 6, 2011

tour our farm

OK, so on this hot day in July I don't have tons of energy, so I thought I'd share some photos of our farm. Caution, lots of pictures are coming! We have been busy trying to keep up with everything there is to do on a farm, and there are days that are just a blurrrrrr! Then trying to get hay in, what a mess that is. Pop up thunder storms and rain showers almost everyday, make it very hard. So we are only putting a little down at a time and then pray it doesn't get rained on! We still have a long way to go too! But that is the life of a farmer, right?! Then this winter we can sit back and take it easy!! Hahahahhaha, that thought makes me laugh!
We've had lots of BBQ's with family and friends and the fire pit is wonderful to sit and roast marshmallows or make s'mores with Reese's Peanut butter cups. Those are my favorite guilty pleasure, along with German chocolates. Anyways back to the farm chores that are endless this time of year.
We didn't go anywhere for the 4th. Feels like there are days all we do is run! We had s'mores and watched the fire works from our front lawn! It was a clear night and the fireworks are always high and we do live on a hill. We can see 2-3 towns on a good 4th! Yupo that is called a house with a spectacular view!
We have acquired a rooster, much to my dislike of that. He wakes me up at 4am, every morning. I'm ready for rooster soup. He's only going to be here a short time, then one of my brother in laws wants him. Matthew wants to see if we can get some baby chicks. We'll see how the hens cooperate with Mr. Rooster. We locked  two hens up with him in our chicken tractor. They are some of our older hens, not the pullets. We traded a frozen chicken that we raised for him. Easy enough, barter!

Mr. Rooster himself. Not sure what kind he is, anyone know? He's really pretty, but not at 4 am.
So, on with the farm tour!

Some of our green beans. They are doing really well and will  be picking them soon enough.
I don't know how well you can see the tractor in the beans, but Little Matt decided to "plow" the weeds with his rake on the back of his tractor. Maybe I'll zoom in on it and show you!

Tomatoes. These are the ones we started from seed this spring. They are doing really well and we are so pleased! I hope you can see them.

Maggie out in the field. She's getting real big, and we have started drying her off!
Summer squash 

Just had to put our tractor in here, it's paid for! We paid it off two months early! We are so thankful for that!


T.O. wanted to say hello.

Our hay field dancing in the wind!
Abby says buzz off Mom. She thought I was going to feed her.

Our pullets. They should be laying eggs in the next few weeks! These are the only ones I could get. They kept running away from me!
See the orange tractor in there with the rake? How cute is that?

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

good quote

"Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds you plant."

Found this on the back of Country magazine, Oct/Nov 2010 issue. I just loved it and wanted to share it.