Monday, February 28, 2011

monday confessions...

Well, its been snowing most of the day and now has started to rain!! It's made a mess of the roads, but it's melting the snow! So I guess it's a good thing.
We all went into town this afternoon, right during the worst of the storm, but with the man driving, all went well. He made the car go into a slip, but came right out of it. Show off. The kiddos love to go shopping with me, and they all like to help put things into the cart. I have to keep an eye on them or who knows what they would put in there!!! Actually they are really good and can recognize what we get  and can get them for me. That's real good. The man sits in the car and reads the mail, he hates to shop.
4:45  this morning we got a phone call. Who calls at the horrible hour anyways?! It was the post office saying that we had some chicks waiting for us, and would be arriving closer to us later that morning! Great! We had notified out postal person that we had some chicks coming, so they would be on the look out. After we hung up we snuggle down deeper in the covers and go back to sleep. Matthew asked me if I would do chores  so he could go get the chicks and a few things he forgot at the mill, so of course I was all for it! I was still miking when he got home with them. We have pushed our milking back a little at a time due to the time change coming next month, and don't want to spring it on Maggie that morning and have her be sore or get mastitis.
My house if full of the sound of the happy peeping of the new girls! They are too cute!! We have enjoyed listening to them and watching them run all around the box.
A friend of ours ordered some bantam chicks, and the company threw in some extras to help keep them warm, and they were all dead. 27 of them! Those little buggers are not cheap either! We called the company and they said they would reimburse us or send more chicks, and our friend decided to try again. I felt so bad. I looked at the chicks and they would be real cute. They thought it was strange for them all to die, so did we. Poor things.

Aaaawwww. aren't they cute? That yellow one is a filler and a boy, so he will meet his fate, soon enough! The brown one is the Partridge Rock

Oh they are cute little fuzzy things!

more cuteness 

more fuzzy butts

Matthew thinks that their markings look like a chipmunk. I know you can't see all the colors of her, but they really do! Kinda funny! If you look real close at the other on up above you can see some of their markings

I made dough boys for supper last night. They were real good too! We had some left over and had them for breakfast this morning!
flatten it out

fry it up...

tada! wonderful supper!! and so not good for you!
DaLaney helped me cook this afternoon, and then she did two large batches of dishes. She even wiped them too. She's such a good helper. She told me she was having fun too! I'm thankful for her help.
Today is my in laws anniversary, and we all are bringing supper to them and getting together.
I found a recipe for homemade brownies, and can't wait to make them. Yes I 'll take pictures and share the recipe with you, if I like them!! Hahaha
I also bought the stuff to make my own taco seasoning! Thanks FTCF for the recipe! Can't wait to try it now.
Gotta run to the party now!! Have a great night!!

Friday, February 25, 2011

fresh look...

OK, so I was tired of the snow scene, since I have plenty of that right outside my window and decided to change it! I'm ready for some green, but not too fast because I still NEED maple season!
If you feel like it let me know what you think. But for now I think it will stay...
I need a great shot from the farm to put on my blog for the picture, and the computer savvy to get it on there... we shall see if I can and do it...

Thursday, February 24, 2011




cutie pie?

Oh yes we think she is just a cute as anything. And she really is. I think I shall get a close up of her. I've mentioned before that we live in the country, and that we have A LOT of snow this year, and it's been a good season for snowmobiler's to come by, and yes we have lots of 'em. Well late this after noon I was out getting some meat out of the freezer to thaw for supper and two snowmobiler's stopped by and saw me. They turned off their engines and asked what the cows name was. I told them it was Magnolia, Maggie for short. One of them said they had come by last night and wanted to get a picture of her, but she was being milked at the time, by yours truly. The man asked if it was my son that was milking her!  I evidently look like a boy when I'm in all my get up milking in this here freezing state of Maine!!  Hahahaha!! Guess he's not used to women wearing Carharts! Turns out they are from New Jersey and come up on the weekend to go snowmobiling, and stay in the next town over!! His girlfriend and he named her, the cow, "Elsie" and she wanted a picture of her. I thought that was kinda funny. He just couldn't get over how cute she was. His buddy teased him and said it's like he's never seen a cow before!! Guess living in New Jersey you wouldn't. Wouldn't know, never been there before. And I guess the women don't wear Carharts either!! He took the pictures and who knows maybe he has a blog and will put her on it and claim she's the cutest cow he's ever seen!!!! They even had the accent of their state too!!
Thankfully all the snowmoblier's that come by are good about not scaring the animals, or running over any of my kiddos! They slow down near the animals barn and the neighbors driveway, and are aware there are kiddos running around too. Haven't had a problem, and I'm thankful for that.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

the worlds best pasta salad

Alright, so I have been asked by a few of you to get the recipe, so here it goes! I have no idea where my mother in law got this recipe, but we really enjoy it, any time of year! It's real good paired off in the summer with grilled stake!! If your so inclined... Can't wait to get the grill out and make you hungry for grilling!!!!

Worlds Best Pasta Salad
 2 C colored Pasta (my kiddos love the wacky mac mix)
1 C pepperoni
1/4 C ea carrots, celery, onion, finely chopped
3/4 C mayo
1/4 C Parmesan cheese, keep to the side
1/4 tes ea salt, pepper, lemon juice

Mix together in a bowl everything EXCEPT the cheese. Put in fridge for about 1 hour. Make sure you let it sit in there for an hour or more too, tastes so much better! The flavors blend and oh yea!!! Before you serve mix in the cheese!
Quick, simple, easy, and wonderful!!
I always make a double batch because it doesn't last very long in my house!!!
And if you need another look at the end result here you go!!! Happy cooking!!!!!

worlds best pasta salad

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

whats for supper?????

 Well last night we had fried chicken, the best pasta salad in the world, and bread sticks! I totally cheated and bought the chicken breasts.( I'm not a big fan of eating the wings and thighs, too many bones to eat around. Call me crazy)... Yea I know I've got a freezer full of chicken in the freezer and I bought some!! Less work on my part, OK!? OK!! Sometimes a gal just need the easy street!! I have to admit I was inspired by From The Country Farm to make fried chicken, but not to cut my own bird!! This time anyways... And NO it didn't taste like plastic! LOL

home grown eggs and milk, salt and pepper, throw in the breasts ...

oops forgot to snap a picture of the breading part... anyhow this is the fry part.... in case you didn't know!

oh yea!! they were good!!

This IS the worlds best pasta salad!
 I got this recipe from my mother in law. She had made it one time when were over there for a meal and WOW! Love it, and had to get the recipe! Now I actually follow a recipe when I make pasta salad. I never did before, who knew there was such a thing as a recipe for pasta salad!!! I love pasta!

Yummy bread sticks with garlic salt on them!!! Dipped in Ranch Dressing! Yup!

So what is on SweetLand's menu tonight? Well it's Egg McMuffins, home fries, and chocolate milk!! I gotta go now and start cooking! Enjoy your suppers!!!!

for nana...

My Mom came over for a visit late this morning into the afternoon. The kiddos were over the moon excited to see her too. They were quite literally hanging all over her. Truth be told I don't think she minded. I think with all our confinement and lack of company due to the epidemic we have, they really miss people. I know I do :(    I really haven't been anywhere. I did get to the store by myself last week but it was just to the local store and they charge an arm and a leg for everything, and don't have that great of a selection. But I can still blog and feel like I have contact with the outside world!! hahaha

Nana is in there somewhere! Having a Nana pile!!
This morning when the man went out to clean the cow stall he let her out, she went out then she turned right back around and came back in! She wanted nothing to do with being outside! It was nice and sunny, but the wind, oh that confounded wind! She's not stupid!
The kittens were MIA all day yesterday and I was sad, as were the kiddos.They are my boys and great mousers! We got some snow, just a little dusting and there were not tracks in the snow, and I had been out looking for them, and there was no sign of then anywhere. I did chores last night because Matthew was late in helping to build that beautiful barn yesterday, and he asked me about them. Then thankfully around 6:30 he went back out to get some firewood and he came back in and smiled and said they were back!! He got some milk and went out to give it to them! We all ended up going out to pet them and let them know we were glad to have them back. Yea we give the kittens milk every morning and night. They still drink a little bit too.

My boys. They are huge! They like to sleep in Maggie's hay!

Monday, February 21, 2011

monday confessions...

I had two kiddos mop the floors today, so after I swept they went to work! They have been bugging me to do it themselves, and today the floors really needed a good mopping, so I let them have at it!! I have one of those Swiffer wet mops. So never going back to the "other" kind of mop!! haha!! I like to throw the mess away and not have to clean up after cleaning! They had fun too, laughing and giggling the whole time. I have missed the happy noises they make, been kinda quiet around here with them not feeling well.
We were able to have school today too. I didn't push them too hard because they are still not 100%, but they were willing and happy to do it!! Yaay!!!

The man was off to help a friend and neighboring farmer to build a barn for his sheep. I believe it is post and beam! Lucky sheep! Check it out! Now I want one!!! Sure was a cold day to be outside in the wind putting up roof rafters!! Burrrr.....

putting up the rafters...

looking up at the hay loft...

the joinery, I love it, looks so nice!

putting up the last rafter...

done with the rafters, now it just needs the roof and siding! Looks real nice!

He also went out to an Amish farm last week and talked with one that does the deep pack bedding for his cows. We are interested in deep pack bedding our herd, when we get one. At present we are unable. We have done business with the Amish before and have gotten to know them well. So when he had mentioned he does deep pack bedding with his dairy cows, Matthew expressed interest in seeing it, he invited him out to see it. The straw the Amish men is using is the straw we sold him last fall from our Spelt! The Amish man also wanted to sell him a couple of heifer calves. Oh are they cute, Holstein/Jersey cross. He declined, we want Jersey cows, but still...
"give me a kiss..." oh they are too cute!!! Born on the same day, but not twins.

here is a picture of his deep pack bedding with our straw! He has been turning it this year to compost it faster. It's 3.5 feet deep right now. 

Looks nice and comfy to me, but I would still take my bed over this!!

these are the dry cows, they are in a different part, and are sleeping on a nice, dry, fluffy pillow!

I still have not done any of the winter knitting I wanted to do this winter. Kinda bummed about that. But it's not over yet... So maybe I still have time!! I saw my grandmother and she asked me if I had made any baby blankets and I said no, and some of my friends are expecting too. She laughed at me, and said I should get busy! Yea I know. I like to wait until the last minute! I also would like to try my hand at a hat and mittens! Hahah, that really is a stretch!

Oh you might get a laugh out of this. I made doughnuts Sunday morning, I never do that because we go to church and I don't have time, but due to the pox epidemic we have, we didn't go, so then this morning I offered them to the kiddos and they didn't want them! They didn't want them Sunday either! They wanted Raisin Bran cereal instead, and the I was told by some that "I don't like those doughnuts, I only like the other ones!!" OH MY WORD!!! Shocked I tell you and also thought it was funny! Guess I won't be making doughnuts anytime soon!! LOL. I made the cake kind of doughnut, and they now like the yeast kind of doughnut, from Pioneer Woman! Spoiled.  But truth be told I think I like 'em better too! I think next time I do make 'em I'm gonna put some chocolate on them!! I have yet to find a chocolate doughnut recipe that I like. Still hunting for that... Oh well, the man still likes them. Anyone want some doughnuts??

Saturday, February 19, 2011

my morning...

"Wwaaaaa... Mommy!!!"
My sleepy eyes popped open. "What?"
"I have a chicken pox in my mouth... wwaaaaa..."
"Come see Mommy"
Child cries down the hall way to come see me. Climbs up on the bed and I hug them. Daddy grabs a flashlight to investigate the mouth. No Chicken pox. Relief. Child calmly gets down and heads for the bathroom. Close my eyes...
"Mommy..." sobs... a different child thumping down the hall...
"What?" My eyes pop back open, a little more awake then a minute ago.
"My eyes hurt."
Mommy and Daddy look at the eyes, chicken pox very close to their eyes.
"Get some toilet paper..." Daddy
"Um, how about a wash cloth..." Mommy
"A wash cloth with some cool water and gently wipe your eyes. Careful not to rub."
"OK." Child heads to the bathroom to wash eyes...
Mommy and Daddy relax. Thump... more sobs... third child enters the room...
"I just itch all over, and my face is so uncomfortable. " some small sobs exit the mouth of the child...
Mommy, "I know and they are getting better, and I'll get up and put some baking soda on them to help." Hugs. Child leaves the room to the bathroom. One comes back and climbs on the bed to snuggle with Mommy, and flops on my head and arm  and rubs my hand and whispers "I love you Mommy." "I love you too" I whisper back, and smile.
Husband "three down one to go..."
Mommy laughs, and looks at the clock, almost afraid... 6:50 am...
 The other two come back in the room and climb on the bed. No one feeling awake or wanting to rush out of bed...
Then the last child appears peeking around the door. Mommy holds out her arms and child leaps into them, and hugs me tight. "I just love you Mommy."  "I love you too." Child runs to the other side of the bed and hugs Daddy, then heads for the bathroom...
All the children leave to get dressed and we get up...

What did you expect room service and a jacuzzi???


Friday, February 18, 2011

full moon...

I'm feeling a little crazy today. Chicken pox, cabin fever, and a full moon!! Uuuugggghhhhh....
 It was another nice day today, and I just had to snap a picture of the moon. I thought it looked really nice this evening, all black sky and a big fat full moon!
 I have to admit the kiddos are feeling a bit better today too. Lots of baking soda paste and calamine lotion and a baking soda bath tonight!
Well, the man and I are gonna watch a movie together, so good night and enjoy that full moon!!!!

Thursday, February 17, 2011


The eves were dripping, the snow was melting, the dead, mud covered lawn was starting to peek out from under all the snow and ice, the clouds were the happy fluffy ones and the sky was a most beautiful shade of blue! The hens were out scratching and happily clucking at the grass bits they found hoping to find a bug. The sun was out in full force warming me all over, reminding me that I will be saved from this long, cold, snowy winter to enjoy the beauty of the warmer months! I can't wait to smell the dirt! It was 45 degrees here today! Oh glory! I opened up the doors to air out the house too, then I went out and cleaned the horses stalls this afternoon wearing of course, my calf high rubber boots, signature jeans ( I love my jeans, I spend a lot of money for them, but they are so worth every penny! You know ladies the type of jeans you love, that fit every curve just right, and make the man look twice!!) and my very favorite, well worn, maroonish colored sweater, with a t-shirt under it! Oh it was delightful! Only bad thing is, the man took the camera with him today. Horrors! He needs his own camera! Time Out laid down in the sun and took a long nap all sprawled out! Two kiddos were sleeping, a much needed nap, and two of them wandered outside with me. They kept bugging me to get out their rubber boots, but I declined. The stalls cleaned well and I got it done quickly! Then soon all four kiddos were outside. Just a side bar here, why when the kiddos are sick the house seems to be even more of a disaster zone? It's not like they are getting things out, today they laid around on the couch and we watched movies. Some didn't get dressed until late this afternoon. Chicken pox are taking a toll today on two. I did get some cleaning done, and some laundry of course! I just took some bread out of the oven and oh it smells wonderful! I love the scent of fresh baked bread! I might go and cut off the crust and slap some butter on it and totally spoil my supper!!! But first...
I snapped some pictures before it got too dark. Can't see how beautiful it was today, but I wanted to share anyways!!

Bare ground, and sheep poop! Yea that is dead grass, but it's bare ground!

Time Out and Abby, my girls were not impressed they really wanted food, not to be blinded with the camera!

Laural, one of my handsome boys I couldn't find Hardy

Laural again, he was posing for the camera.

Minty, she just wanted to eat or was tired of being blinded by the flash! Or maybe this is her better side!

Love this picture of Daisy, covered in hay. Can't wait to have her shone and spin her wool!

Yes, she thinks she's beautiful. I don't think she's a bad looking hen,  kinda pretty don't  you think?

I made these the other day and just had to show them off! I love blueberry muffins. I have to admit I was inspired by the Kelly's Adventures in Kentucky when I saw their pictures of blueberries!! They were delsih!

Sunset tonight across the street. Would be better without the power lines.  I like sunsets better in the summer!

Check out that moon! Came out kinda bleary, but still looks good to me! Thats looking out back!

Guess this hen is a little more shy then the other one!  But she's still good looking! 

good quote

"Be diligent to know the state of your flocks, and attend to your herds."
Proverbs 27:23

Right now my "herd" has the chicken pox. The state of my herd is sick and being so good about it and not complaining or picking and scratching. They are being troopers. So I am tending to then accordingly...

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

chicken pops...

Been a while so it seems since my last post. I really haven't even been on the computer at all. I haven't been swamped with things to do, other then my normal things of life to do, like laundry... Actually the kiddos have not been feeling well. Fevers, belly aches, not eating much, laying around on the couch, not really into anything. I know why too. They were exposed to the chicken pox, or as Rachel calls them the chicken pops! One of my sisters kids got the pox and passed it on... Yea, you read that right. We willingly let them be exposed too. Had an old fashioned chicken pox party, and well now two of the kiddos have the pox. Came down with the spots today. So two down and two to go! And yes we are hoping the other two will get them. Sounds bad, but they will not be getting the shot. So now I'm afraid that the kiddos are home bound until the pox are over! That means I am too, but the good side of that is I would be anyways because it's sooooo close to being sap season that we will be running with that! The kiddos can help and not be around people and sit in the car if they want while we collect. We use buckets and collect everyday. Sometimes twice a day depending on the day! We are chomping at the bit to get going too. So soon I will have pictures to share with our sapping season!!! Can't wait either we are all out of maple syrup and I had to actually buy some! Horrors!! Didn't like to do that, but we love to eat it with pancakes, waffles, and my favorite french toast! Matthew likes to put some in his milk and have maple milk, the kiddos do too, me eh it's OK. I'd rather have chocolate milk!
The weekend with my nephew went well. He's a good kid and he and Little Matt are best buddies. The doughnuts and waffles were a huge hit with him, he ate lots of them, and I sent some home with him! He was really hoping he could have some doughnuts and waffles while he was at my house, we tend to have those a lot!  And he may be getting the pox too. We'll see... I think his mother wants him to have them!! hahaha sorry sis, but it's better this way!!!
All the family parties we went to were fun, it's nice to visit with the families, and let the kiddos play with all their cousins. They sure do have lots of them!
The man and I finally got to have our date out! No not on the 14th, it's way over rated in our opinion! We had a wonderful evening with just the two of us. And I didn't have to cook supper, or do the dishes!!  The kiddos were with his parents. I love it when he "dates" me!! Yea we still date! It's important to us that we continue to date or pursue each other!
So until next time, hopefully with some pictures of us tapping trees, if we can get through the snow we have to trudge though!!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

play time!!!

Well the chickens are ordered and then I ordered more! Just two more though so now we'll have 20 new hens coming!
Yesterday when my sister came over to drop her son off she helped fix my computer problem with pictures. Apparently when you download a new program to your computer you also have to install it! Well somehow I managed to download the same program 3 times and not install it! She also got my computer and printer to talk and now I can print things off! Love that! Told you I was very computer savvy! Anyways it's fixed and now I can share pictures again! Very happy about that, and only managed to give my sister a mild stoke with my lack of computer knowledge! So thanks Sis!
I have been up since 7ish and have been cooking all morning. Just to share all what I have made this morning into the afternoon, waffles, doughnuts they took forever, bread, peanut butter brownies, and now a chicken is in the oven! One reason is one of my nephews came over for the weekend and he was really hoping to have waffles and doughnuts for breakfast. I usually don't make both, but figured since he was very excited about it, I'd make both!! Then we have a family supper tonight and I bring dessert, the bread I needed for lunch, and the chicken needs to cook for a meal some other night, then tomorrow we have another family get together! Matthew had some errands to run so he's off.  Kind of a busy weekend!   Keeps me on my toes though!

Currently all the kiddos, except Rachel are outside. She spent the night at her grandmothers with her cousin that is the same age as her last night and she needed a nap before tonight, she fell right to sleep too! I think the rest of the kiddos are either jumping off the deck, playing Daniel Boone or Davy Crockett or all three! The deck in not that high, and with all the snow we have it's even lower. Earlier they were sliding down our large snow banks! I got some cute pictures of them too!

Pulling each other up the hill...

taking turns... the cow is wondering what they are doing!

almost there...

having fun, boys? Yes!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

peep, peep, peep...

I'm kinda excited because I have just ordered some new laying hens! We are getting Black Australorps and I threw in some Partridge Rocks for my Man! He thinks they are a 'handsome looking bird" so I decided to get him some! I wanted the Australorps! We have some New Hampshire Reds already, and will have a nice looking flock of hens running around the yard this spring, doing their pasture sanitizing, and bug eating!! Although I think the New Hampshire Reds will meet their fate this fall... Soon the house will be full the sound peeps! Yeah, we keep 'em in the house for a while, the chicken coop is not warm enough for them, and we don't want to loose them, that way we can also handle them and they will be a little more friendly! I can't wait! I just love chickens and love to watch them, so long as they don't get into my garden!!! They tend to like tomatoes, and everything else out there!! Along with the sheep. Funny thing is we bought a sheep fence for the sheep, now we let the sheep run around like dogs and put the sheep fencing around the garden! Keeps the chickens out for the most part and the sheep! We don't have a problem of deer. I think it's too open where we live, and the gardens are close to the house. Coyotes have not been a problem for us either. We can heart then yipping off in the distance, as long as they stay away. We've had a few brazen coyotes come close a few years ago, it was yipping right outside our bedroom window! It was huge! Matthew went out, but it ran away. I think we need another dog. I know some of the kiddos would love that, but I'm not sure.
This spring when it is warmer we'll be getting some meat birds! They taste so good!! I hope we can fanangle to get some turkeys this year too, but they come a little later in the summer, so we have a while to think about that. We don't have a coop for them, but Matthew is wonderful and can build a place for them I'm sure! That and we would need to figure out where we would put them. Turkeys and chickens need to be separate. We'll see!
I'll throw a picture of some chicks in here for you! I think they are cute when they are little, but when they get older they are kinda ugly, (meat birds that is).Makes it a little easier to eat them! Thankfully laying hens are nice looking when they are little and older!

These are some of the meat birds we had last year! They are the Cornish X Rocks! About a day or two old here! 
Have a great day!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

this is me...

OK, this is me everyday. This time of year I have a lot more on though! This was in July after she calved. 

Yup, thats me and the cow. Can you see the calf in the back? What a pest he was, always trying to "cuddle" and get into the milk. What a little stinker. The do rag, snot rag, bandanna on my head, whatever you prefer to call it, the calf high rubber boots, jeans and a t-shirt. I'm a small town, country gal with big dreams! I like to have something on my head when I milk, because I never know what is on Maggie's tail! EEEE I don't want that in my hair! I do tend to be a jeans and t-shirt kinda gal though. I  brush her all down before milking, even her tail, but still! Not the most flattering picture of me, but I was still figuring it all out, not to mention I had no idea the man had the camera! Now I put my left leg in front of her right leg and behind her left leg to help keep her from stepping in the bucket. It's also a little more comfortable for me! Did you follow all that? The barn wasn't finished, but it was working to keep them in and dry when they needed to be in!
So far Maggie is still "settled". According to the AI tech it takes 2.5 times to have success when breeding a cow via AI. I'm not sure where the .5 comes in, but whatever. And this is the second time around for getting her AI'd.We shall see...

tilling the soil

Alright, so I said I would try to post some farming pictures. So I will. I know that this is way out of season, but I wanted to share a little more about our farm!
We grew 2 acres of Spelt last year. Nope in fall of '09. September 15th is the cut off date to plant wheat here in Maine. You can plant it later, but September is better. Then we harvested it in August 2010! Due to lots of reasons we did not plant any last fall.  Matthew was really bummed about that too, he loves to grow wheat and I feel bad we just were not able to get it done. Now why Spelt and what is it? If you don't know it's gluten free wheat. For people with Celiac Disease, and we had a customer that would buy it all, provided it was up to his standards, and fit for human consumption. That is why we went with the Spelt. I guess there is a short window for great wheat and bad wheat. Bare with me I'm still trying to wrap my head around growing wheat.  Weather has a lot to do with it too. It had to be certified organic as well. So we went ahead and got the land owners to let us get the land certified. Then we tilled the soil! That was a learning experiecne!  (Just a little bunny trail here, so hang on). When we bought the tractor we bought a plow and a harrow. Well the man that sold us the tractor didn't know what he was talking about when he sold us the plow and harrow, and we didn't realize that they would be too small! The ones we bought were made for a compact tractor, not a full sized tractor! Nothing fit our tractor right and we broke the plow. Well Matthew called another dealer, the sister dealer to the one we bought it from, and we ended up trading the disc harrow that we had never used, in for a larger one and we put the plow up for sale, which we finally sold and have yet to buy another plow. A neighboring farmer came over and plowed our field for us, because if he didn't we would have missed the cut off, and we were leaving for Ohio! Lots of stress right before our vacation!! But by the grace of God we got it planted and got off to Ohio for a wonderful vacation! Just the two of us! The kiddos were with the grandparents! A great time all around! We are hoping we can plant wheat this year, not sure if we'll do a spring or winter wheat thought, but we have a little while longer before we decide...

Matthew plowing up the land 

Matthew planting the Spelt! He had a good time doing that too!!

Monday, February 7, 2011

monday confessions...

Ah another Monday! And just think there is only about 52 Mondays in the year. Why is Monday so hard to get back into? Sunday is the first day of the week and I love Sundays! A day of rest and fellowship with some great friends and family!  Then the monster of Monday rolls around and I find myself fumbling my way through it! I think the kiddos do to, but I think that it's because of me. I do have a routine, but am not the kind of person to live by a set schedule and all order for every hour. My life is full kids and farming and well, life and it just happens sometimes! I tend to like the spontaneity of my life! Keeps things interesting!

I don't like green peppers and I do the shopping so I don't buy them, but I do like red, orange and yellow peppers and do buy them. Matthew doesn't like fresh mushrooms. The kiddos are not big fans of lettuce, but they eat it anyways. They claim that home grown lettuce is so much better then the store bought, and I would agree.
I'm very computer savvy. NOT! I can find my way around my kitchen blind folded but put me on a computer and I can find my way around some, but I do call my sister, and she laughs at me from time to time about my questions! And me being the computer savvy gal that I am, I am currently having issues with this computer and uploading pictures, so I will not be posting a picture tonight after trying for a while to figure out this new fanangled upload that I had to have!!!! Ugh, me and my bright ideas! Guess I'll be putting in a call to my sister very soon and pleading with her to come bale me out of this little computer mess I got myself into! That is her warning!
I love spaghetti, but my husband is not so much a fan of it, but will eat it! I think it's partly because I made it so much when we were first married because I wasn't around so much to cook, and being a self taught cook I have expanded my cooking line! I love to try new recipes!
Today the kiddos were outside a lot, enjoying the warmth and the sun and getting to run off some extra energy they have! They made the cutest snowmen out there today and I've got pictures to share, but... see above about me being computer savvy!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

sunny weekend

What a beautiful weekend it was here in Maine! The sun was out in full force, melting snow and it was warm outside! The kiddos had a good time out in it too! One of the kiddos spent the night at my in laws with her cousin on Friday and they had a blast. Saturday night we went to a friends house for a wonderful meal of Mexican food and Godiva White Chocolate cheesecake, with raspberries and whipped cream on top! I could have eaten just that for supper! It was super good, or in Maine as I sometimes find myself guilty of saying is that was wicked good! We has a snow storm that started Saturday night and it was huge snow flakes coming down and adding up fast. I was hoping we wouldn't get lots of it, and we only got 6 inches! Half of what they were calling for!! Then is rained. Well actually it down poured! On top of that we got a thunder storm! A huge one! Woke me out of a dead sleep. I don't remember ever having a thunder storm in the winter! The lightening was just as bad, and it was right on top of us! We were on high alert because one of the kiddos is afraid of the thunder, but slept right through it! We did not. That settled a lot of the snow and made a slushy mess of the roads. But the sun was out again today and felt wonderful on my face as we enjoyed it after church. The warmth of the sum makes the kiddos excited for summer. One said the other day I hate winter, it's never going to be summer. Kinda grumpily. I think they sound like me, but it seems like a long winter with all the snow we've gotten. But they came right out of it after we told them that yes summer will be here before you know it and you'll wish you had a snow bank to jump in! Or a mud puddle to cool off in. Yeah water is a magnet for them. I have to wash their clothes right after and hose them off after they swim in one, they stink, but they think it's the most fun! I remember swimming in a mud puddle or two when I was a little girl, so they come by it honestly! And my husband, well he was a mischievous little boy once too!
I know they are calling for more snow this week too! Monday night into Tuesday! Not a lot though, but we'll see!
But right now, I'm thankful for two days with the sun beating down, warmer air, not lugging water from the house to the barn because of the solar heat of the sun, a wonderful family that I cherish, and the promise of spring right around the corner and all that it will bring!! Have a wonderful night all!

Friday, February 4, 2011

through the snow we go...

Oh it seems like we are always cleaning up a snow mess this winter! We have had sooooooo much snow! I  can't guarantee I won't complain about it.
 I did the chores yesterday morning so Matthew could dig us out, again! I sat and milked the cow as my son chattered away and then he asked me a question. It took me by surprise. He simply asked "what DO you like about winter Mommy?" I know I'm not shy about saying I don't like winter, and the kids know it. But they still invite me to play with them in the snow banks and I love to do that! Then my surprise came again as I found myself answering him. It just rolled out of my mouth as I milked. The truth. I told him that I told him I liked that fact that it was a time of rest. And by rest I meant that the gardens were done growing, so we don't have to weed, pick, weed, pick weed, can it, and the field work was done. And we could feed our animals, and ourselves with all that we had done during the warmer months. No longer did I have to mow the lawn (Little Matt mowed some this year too). That the meat chickens are in the freezer. I told him that the gardens and fields die and comes back to life in the spring. That everything has a life cycle and God is in control of it. That if you stop and think about it, it's truly amazing how it works. The ground rests and so do we, the ground grows and produces and we work to tend it. I said even in Florida where it's usually much warmer there, then here, the gardens need a rest. I don't know anything about gardening in warmer climates, but all the vegetables, fruit, and fields need a rest time there too. All the seasons have their greatness, even winter! He smiled and we chatted a little more. Then he picked up Hardy and put him close to me and I squirted milk in his mouth and he licked his lips quickly to keep up with the flow of milk at him. I laughed so hard I had to stop milking! It was so funny I wished I had the camera. I guess I'm gonna have to make it a permanent part of my body. When I figure out that feat I'll share! The other cat growls and hisses at you if you do that to him. The weather is supposed to be warmer in the coming weeks and it is so tempting to start tapping trees, but I'm afraid if we do when the snow melts we'll need a ladder to get the sap buckets down! There is so much snow!
 My sister came to visit me yesterday. If you haven't guessed I have two older sisters. For fear of my life I won't mention our ages, but we are all relatively close in age. hehe! I'm glad we live in the same state too. Different towns in different directions, but we get along well, and have a good time when we get together! I had a wonderful visit and we cooked supper together too. She started some wonderful cinnamon rolls that sit overnight and you finish in the morning. Oh were they good! My husband said that they tasted a lot like the ones I usually make, but lighter and not so heavy! WOW! What a complement. I was pleased that he liked them, and they came out well. The kiddos thought they were good too. They thought I could make them again!  I have a very discriminating family when it comes to food. They tell me when it's gross and they tell me when it's good. I don't mind as long as they are nice about it. I can handle it. I like the honesty. I'll show you some pictures. Look at 'em if you dare!!
Seems like I'm talking a lot about us and cooking and not a lot about farming, but I guess that's what happens in the winter. Soon I'll be talking about all the farming and canning I'll be doing and you'll wonder when do they eat or where has she gone with no posts!? I'll take pictures for sure. If I can I'll try to post tomorrow some farming pictures!  Ah farm life. Only one I really know, and the only one I really want!

Roll out the dough real thin, add lots of melted homemade butter, organic cane juice (sugar),  and cinnamon, roll up tight...

Cut into 1 inch rolls and put in a buttered pan to rise... then bake about 20 minutes...

baked to golden perfection. Then drizzle on some glaze and devour while still warm! I helped myself to two, as did Little Matt! That's a 9*13 pan full of them!

The kiddos stopped playing to get their picture taken! That is the top of the chicken coop in the back there. Just to show how BIG the snow banks are! What a beautiful day!

How many people have a snow plow truck come and plow their driveway??!! 
That's right folks! A snow plow! We have so much snow that the plow truck can't move the snow any farther! And with more snow coming on Saturday...  The man who plows out neighbors driveway asked a friend who drives a snow plow truck if he could swing over and move some snow!  He did, as you can see! How many people have that happen??!! The kiddos couldn't wait to abandon their school work and get outside to watch! How exciting! A little red neck? Maybe, but oh well!