Tuesday, February 22, 2011

whats for supper?????

 Well last night we had fried chicken, the best pasta salad in the world, and bread sticks! I totally cheated and bought the chicken breasts.( I'm not a big fan of eating the wings and thighs, too many bones to eat around. Call me crazy)... Yea I know I've got a freezer full of chicken in the freezer and I bought some!! Less work on my part, OK!? OK!! Sometimes a gal just need the easy street!! I have to admit I was inspired by From The Country Farm to make fried chicken, but not to cut my own bird!! This time anyways... And NO it didn't taste like plastic! LOL

home grown eggs and milk, salt and pepper, throw in the breasts ...

oops forgot to snap a picture of the breading part... anyhow this is the fry part.... in case you didn't know!

oh yea!! they were good!!

This IS the worlds best pasta salad!
 I got this recipe from my mother in law. She had made it one time when were over there for a meal and WOW! Love it, and had to get the recipe! Now I actually follow a recipe when I make pasta salad. I never did before, who knew there was such a thing as a recipe for pasta salad!!! I love pasta!

Yummy bread sticks with garlic salt on them!!! Dipped in Ranch Dressing! Yup!

So what is on SweetLand's menu tonight? Well it's Egg McMuffins, home fries, and chocolate milk!! I gotta go now and start cooking! Enjoy your suppers!!!!


  1. That looks so yummy! Must admit to quite liking the legs and wings too though!

  2. is it wrong for me to want to dive into that bowl of pasta face first and lick the bowl when I'm done?!

  3. If you're willing to share, I'd love the recipe for that pasta salad. That looks yummy!
    justamainefarmgirl (at) gmail (dot) com

  4. Claire, my husband likes the wings and legs. I think the kiddos would not so much, and would be more work for me to pick the meat off!!

    FTCF- Nope, looks as good as it tastes! I was very much in the mood for spring stuff!!

    MFG- I'll pop that in an email for you!!! I do share, some of my recipes!!

  5. maine farm girl - that really is one of the best salads! Watch I'll have a sudden craving for pasta salad tomorrow and have to make it! thanks sweetland!

  6. I too was going to ask for the recipe. It looks wonderful.

  7. That looks so good! I need to start reading your blog at night towards dinner instead of in the early morning! It just makes me hungry all day long!