Wednesday, November 30, 2011

thankful 14

For my man. Can you see the heart? That is what we would be if we were carrots!! ;-)

Monday, November 28, 2011

thankful 13

Oh am I ever thankful for a barn full of hay! Literally. We were blessed with such an amazing hay crop this year. Chicken poo is really a wonderful thing!! Our hay field was starved for some input of manure and we got a truck load and WOW what a huge difference it made. Last year we had to buy hay in the spring because it was so wet and we couldn't get the animals on the field without destroying it and our hay was gone. This year we have some extra to sell!! And we got our first second crop of hay too. I feel totally blessed with hay this year! We have all the equipment to hay the fields and better yet it's paid for. My husband likes to joke that we are state of the art 1970! But hey it works! We did have to hire out to have the field mowed due to the abundance of it, but still I'm so thankful for it all! All our animals will be fed homegrown organic hay this winter!!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

thankful 12

The ability to cook, and enjoy doing it, most days. There are days it would be nice to get take out, but I live in an area where there is no delivery. But you get my meaning. I am a self taught cook. I'm not bragging, but I am. It's something I have worked very hard to accomplish and to do well for not only me but my family. I've had some whoopers too, and I'll be the first to admit to that! Much like my fried zucchini... And not to mention various other cooking catastrophes, oh the horrors, and I still set off my smoke alarm from time to time. But I do enjoy cooking and learning to make new things and expanding our palates. Sometimes it's good and other times I throw the recipe in the trash. I want my kiddos to enjoy eating and enjoy eating foods they have never tasted before. I get bored cooking all the same things and that is why I am always looking to try new things, and have found some wonderful things on blogs that I follow, and stop by and visit from time to time. Not just cooking, but cooking from scratch, which seems to be a lost art, along with knowing what is IN  the foods we eat and where and how it's grown and raised. I think people are so disconnected from their food. Kinda scary actually to eat mystery meat, eewww, like fast food... I'll leave it at that!
Have a great day all!

Friday, November 25, 2011

good quote

"A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty." Winston Churchill

thankful 11

I'm so very thankful for family. My family, my husbands family and my church family!

Thursday, November 24, 2011


From all of us at SweetLand Farm we wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving!  We hope ya'll have a great day!
 Enjoy your day with your family and friends. I know we will be!

Eat too much turkey and watch too much football!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

thankful 10

I'm thankful for being a stay at home mom. Matthew and I decided that I would stay home once I had Little Matt. I worked for a portion of my pregnancy with him. It's not always easy and certainly not glamorous, as your reaching your hand in the toilet to try to pull out that toy before it goes down and clogs up your toilet. Even though it goes down anyways. Or you wash rocks or dry red crayons into your bedding in the dryer. Yup that's happened. Having and raising kiddos has been such a life changing event in my life. With each one my life has changed and the dynamic of our family. I don't think, most days, (if I'm being honest), I could leave them for someone else to raise or teach them. I remember my mother in law telling me a joke about staying home and home schooling her sons, and now I can totally relate to her joke about it. I won't share it, but women who do what I do would understand! Ya it's a challenge, but I love a challenge and feel confident that we are on the right path. With the help of my Heavenly Father I know I'll make it, along with His forgiveness, and that of my kiddos when I fail.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

thankful 9

May seem silly, but I am so thankful for our wood stove, and plenty of fire wood! Wood heat gives of such a different kind of warmth I just love it. I can stand on the warm hearth pad with bare feet and warm them up before I put my boots on!! I like to turn off all the lights and curl up on the couch and watch the flames flicker and dance against the glass door as the snow comes down. And according to the weathermen we are in for a good one tomorrow! Not worried about it, we are ready! I'll take pictures of it!
I'm not really ready for snow to come just yet, I never am, I don't like the stuff, but I live in a snowy state, so I guess I'll enjoy playing "queen of the hill" with my kiddos when it piles up this winter!!

Friday, November 18, 2011

thankful 8

The bartering system!! It's alive and well. Not to mention a wonderful thing!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

thanfkul 6 & 7

I guess these two things kinda go hand and hand.
First of all I'm very thankful for a healthy family. Generally speaking we are all healthy. Sure we all get the occasional cold or flu, or knock out a tooth! but there are no major illnesses. I am so thankful for that! There are so many things out there that can happen and cause an illness or they could get a disease and have it all go down hill so fast. I pray for the health and well being of my family daily. I'm well aware that what comes our way is from the hand of God, and there is a reason for it.
With that said I'm also thankful for medical care. Weather it be a chiropractor, regular doctor, dentist, surgeon, a specialist or nurses.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

boys, boys, boys...

Where have I been you wonder? Or not. Well grab a cup of coffee or what ever you like to drink and a muffin, or donut and I'll tell you about my past few days. They have been busy.
It a started about six years this is gonna be a long post... naw just kidding!!
It was about 4am on Thursday actually. Our boy woke us up crying and couldn't move his arm or something, my memory is kinda fuzzy and I wasn't awake. I mean it was 4am! We stumble down to his room and he said something was hurting his arm. So Matthew proceeds to take his shirt off, Little Matt's that is, and he sees a deer tick is in shoulder, just below his collar bone! Oh great! It's head was in there, it was a bite! So bleary eyed me, Matthew and Little Matt stumble to our room to get the tick out. The rest of the kiddos were sleeping peacefully and we didn't want to wake them up. We get the tick out and send him back to bed. In the morning we call the doctor and we get an appointment for that afternoon. OK, let me back up a minute here, the night before we were up until 12am. Matthew had a meeting he had to go to. One of my sisters came over for a visit and we made some yummy, delish food together, and burned some bacon. oops. Then my SIL came over with her kiddos. Our husbands went to the same meeting, and they were gone until 11:30. My sister left around 9:30 after much laughing and shopping online for, well, clothes. So none of us had gone to bed until 12am-ish. Just so you know we are all very tired to begin with. Well at the doctors office they got more of the tick head out and put him on an antibiotic for 10 days. Then in 6 weeks he goes back for a Lyme Disease test. We are praying the antibiotic works and he is free and clean! Then Thursday night was a late night again, don't remember what we did. Then Friday morning was a disaster too. Nothing was going as planned for any of us. Matthew was going hunting in the morning with one of his brothers. He had just left.  Keep in mind we are all still running on low sleep and energy, due to late nights and early mornings. I was in the bathroom putting my makeup on, when Little Matt lets out this holler and a distressed "MOMMY!!!" Running for my son I see him holding his mouth. I asked what happened and he shows me his tooth. Now it's his front tooth, his adult front tooth, and nice sized chunk of it was in his hand! OH MY WORD! I get him calmed down and look in his mouth, no blood. That's good. How did he knock out his tooth you are all wondering? Well he has a long toy rifle, that he plays "Danial Boone" with. We are huge Dan Boone fans around here, especially my boy. Somehow he had the top near his face, and somehow managed to knock his head into the top just at the right angle and whack, there goes the tooth. He doesn't remember how he did it really, but that is close enough to how it went down.  I took his tooth and got the phone and called Matthew. He came right home. I called the dentist. It's Friday and they are closed. Great. I call the doctors office, and the person who answered the phone says take him to the ER. So we all pile up in the car and head to the ER. The girls and I sit in the waiting room, and the receptionist gave them a color book and crayons. I thought that was nice of her. The T.V. was on and it was CSI Miami. Not a good show for young kiddos. So the color books were great for them to do and not watch the show. They were very good waiting and didn't complain, but did ask how much longer they were going to be gone. A woman comes in and asked me if they were all mine, and I proudly said yes! After an hour or so we can leave. There is nothing they can do for him. Wondering why they sent us there, the ER doctor called our doctor and he said he didn't send us there, so I'm thinking that whoever I talked to might be getting a talking to from the doctor, sending us there. Oops. So my boy had a nice chunk of his front tooth missing all weekend. We put his tooth in the fridge to keep it to show the dentist. The weekend was a bit of a blur. I went to my grandmothers on Saturday for a her 79th birthday, with the kiddos. After the party my parents took the kiddos to TSC (Tractor Supply) to do some window shopping for Christmas. My Dad loves to take the kiddos there. It's such a hoot to watch them all. They always pick out the all terrain go cart thing, that they want. Which I tell them they are not getting that for Christmas! Matthew worked, went hunting and put in some fire wood for his parents. Then that evening we had our monthly supper with all of Matthew's family. He's got 4 other brothers, and all are married with kiddos too. My in laws have 18 grand kids. (one of which is in Heaven). So there are lots of people to feed and kiddos playing! (For those of you who just started following my blog)!!  Sunday was church. Thankfully we got some much needed rest on that day! Monday rolled around and we got an appointment with the dentist in the morning. So another day running. The girls went to my MIL while Matthew and I took Little Matt to the dentist. We took his tooth too, and they were able to glue it back on right then!! That was kinda cool. They were just going to put a filling to cover it, but when I said we had his tooth they decided to use that instead, seeings how it was in one piece. Now he just can't bite into an apple or carrot, because his tooth is only so strong and could still come off. If that happened they would put a filling on it. Someday down the road they can put a crown on it and it will be just like all his other grown up teeth. Come to find out we know a few of people that have a cap on their front tooth, and you'd never know. I'm so relieved that it's fixed and is doing fine.
Oh we are not done yet. My poor boy has had a time of it. Seems like things happen in threes. Then the other night we were at my BIL and SIL for supper. Mary and I were inside freezing chickens, (they had some late broilers that they had raised), the boys were outside stacking fire wood, the kiddos were inside playing Lego's. Matthew came in and asked for a drink, and my boy went to get him one, and then tripped over the cord and fell on the corner of their hearth pad by the stove and went down hard. The water spilled, but the glass didn't break and my boy was in tears. I thought oh no it's his tooth again as he hit the floor with a thump! Matthew grabbed him and got him on the couch and asked what hurt. His arm. It was swollen and he wouldn't move it. Oh here we go! I thought as I got him a drink. He was pale and tired, and sore. So we waited a while to see what we were going to do. Little Matt sat around outside with the men. We finished freezing the chickens then went home. We kinda figured we might be going to the hospital the next morning if it wasn't better. Matthew thought it might be broken, so did I. Well the next morning we got up and Little Matt was using his arm, bending his elbow and moving his fingers. All good! So we are very happy to say it is not broken. Just sore and tender. Phew.
Then last night it was so nice out, a balmy 55ish degrees. I have wanted to have another fire pit with s'mores, and I have everything just waiting. It's been really nice the past few days and warm! Oh my it's been nice out. A sweater and jeans!! Yup it's a nice fall. So we invited my BIL and SIL over with their kiddos and we had s'mores by the fire pit! I love s'more's! So good by the fire with friends and it's warm out! It was nice to visit and not have anyone get hurt or have my boy get hurt!
My poor boy is doing much better and is on the mend from all his troubles of late. He's been such a trooper though all this too.
Now I'm ready to not spend so much time at the doctors!
Ah kiddos, just when you think all is well and your so thankful for healthy ones, something is bound to happen. Although I am thankful for healthy kiddos, because they really are. Don't really go to the doctors often, if you don't count the past week! ;-)
Have a great day all!!

Friday, November 11, 2011

thankful 5

On this special day I am thankful for the men and women who are serving or have served in the military.
I have family/friends that are currently serving, and family/friends that have served in the past. I am very grateful for their service and protecting my freedoms. My prayers are with you. Thank you!
Also to their families who have to survive without them when they are gone. Thank you!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

thankful 4

My kiddos.
They are such a blessing in my life. Each one has brought a new and amazing grace to my life. They are so full of love and freely give it. They also are quick at forgiving me, when I mess up.

Monday, November 7, 2011

monday confessions

I made a pot of coffee, or I thought I had, and was wondering why I wasn't hearing anything and smelling the coffee as it brewed. I took a look at the pot and realized I didn't put any water in it! I'm just glad I didn't break the glass. Hate it when that happens. Reminds me of my mom when I do that. She once said "it's hard to remember ALL the ingredients in a pot of coffee!" I would have to agree!

Every once in a while I put the jelly in the cupboard, and the peanut butter in the fridge...

Sometimes I don't eat lunch.
Sometimes when I go to town and don't eat lunch I buy a whoopie pie and devour it on my way home. All that shopping makes me hungry. There is a store near where I shop that carries the best whoopie pies for store bought, that is, and I just have a weak spot, eerrr maybe sweet tooth, for them! And sometimes it's nice to have a guilty pleasure on my way home!

I really don't like Mondays. It comes every week, and yet it always seems to be the worst day of the week for me.

Our kiddos like to hide on us and then jump out at us and scare us. I like to return the favor once in a while, just to keep them on their toes! Once in a while they really do jump me. When I jump them they giggle and say that I scared them! Love that!

Don't know if you've noticed but most all of my blog post titles are all lower case letters. Don't ask why, I don't have a reason, it just kinda happened that way.

Happy Monday all!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

what's cooking in my kitchen

So with all the pumpkins that we grew and even after giving them away I still have lots of pumpkins. But not as many as last year I think it was, we had around 60 pie pumpkins. I refuse to can them too. It takes I don't know, 80 minutes or something ridiculous like that to can them. I don't like them frozen as they tend to be watery. So they line my hallway and eat them as we go. I've been trying different recipes and some regular ones too, like pumpkin pie, bread, roll, and muffins. I found a pumpkin smoothie on Pioneer Woman the other day that I'm going to have to try. Looked really good. I made a new pumpkin muffin recipe that called for cream cheese in it. The recipe said it's like the one's at Starbucks. I've never had one of their muffins so I wouldn't know, but figured it must be good. I like their coffee though, I really like it. I've never had cream cheese in my muffin before either. I was looking for one like Dunkin Donuts pumpkin muffins, but all the recipes I found called for a pumpkin spice cake mix. I don't have that in my cupboard, and I wanted homemade so I changed my search to just pumpkin muffins. And I choose this one!
Now that you know all that lets make some cream cheese filled pumpkin muffins!!

Take all your dry stuff and dump it in the bowl. I like the different shades of color that the spices, sugar, four and soda make. I covered most of one of the spices with the sugar. When I copied the recipe I forgot to write in the sugar and had to go look it up again to put sugar in it. I don't think they would have been as good without it.
Blend all the dry together. Smells really good.
Next add you wet. Oil, I use olive oil for all my cooking, fresh pumpkin, and eggs. Beat the eggs before adding them to the mixture. 
 Just gotta say look at those eggs. Now that is farm fresh nicely colored and firm eggs. Laid yesterday by our lovely hens!
Plop all your wet into the dry...

Mix it well. Then...

 Get your cut up chunks of semi frozen cream cheese out of the freezer and...

Put one chunk of cream cheese in the middle of each muffin

This is what the look like ready to go in the oven. I use stoneware, that is why the pan is discolored. It's Pampered Chef don't-cha know!
mmmmm out of the oven and ready to be eaten. Just don't burn your tongue on the cream cheese. It's very hot! Don't even need any butter!
Here is the recipe it you are interested. I googled pumpkin muffins and choose this recipe! It's really easy to make and really tasty!
Pumpkin Cream Cheese Muffins-(like Starbucks) (that was the name of it)

3 C flour                            1 tes cloves
1 tes cinnamon                     4 tes pumpkin pie spice
1 tes nutmeg                         1 tes salt
1 tes baking soda                4 eggs
2 C pumpkin                     2 C sugar  (don't forget to write in the sugar)!
1 1/4 oil                          8 oz cream cheese

Preheat oven to 350. Cut up chunks of cream cheese into 1-2 teaspoon and freeze for about an hour. I only froze it for about 10 minutes, I was too impatient to wait, and it worked fine. I just got to lick the cream cheese off my fingers when I was done! Mix dry, mix wet, throw together. Mix well. Put into muffin tin, then push a clump of cream cheese into the middle of each muffin. Pop it in the oven and bake for 20-25 minutes.


Saturday, November 5, 2011

thankful 3

Mama and her baby. How nice is that to see? I had let Maggie in this afternoon and Dandie was hungry. She- Mama Maggie comes in for a few hours in the afternoon, then goes back out until the evening milking and stays in all night, while Dandie is still little. Dandie will not stay in the fence because she can run right under it.  I can only stay a few minutes, because she won't eat and just show off and play. I just thought I'd share.

Friday, November 4, 2011

thankful 2

I'm thankful that we own a Jersey cow named Maggie. She is the first cow I have ever had, and been around. She's funny in her behavior and she has an attitude. She swats me in the face with her tail, a lot when I'm stressed out and trying to milk her. I guess it's her way of getting my attention, and she'll look at me with those big brown eyes and seems to be telling me to "chill out", and she'll cool it with the tail. Never fails, when I relax, she stops with the tail, and goes back to eating. Sometimes she'll come in the barn just fine, then other times we have to herd her in the barn and make her come in. She'll even stand at the door of the barn and look at us and stand there for a few minutes before she'll come in, other times she turn and high tail it back to the farthest corner of the pasture, and make us go get her! I told you she has an attitude with a capital A!! I like to watch her in the pasture eating, laying down chewing her cud, or running around like a spring heifer when she has a mind too. I like the sound of her eating her grain or hay as I milk her and the rumble of her stomach and the sound and smell of the milk as it hits the pail. I like that I don't have to buy milk, and can make cheese, soap, butter, and yogurt with our milk. It's certainly not free milk either. There's a lot of work that is involved with having a cow, or any livestock kind of animal. We don't have the milk to buy at the store, but we have the grain bill, and the hay. Along with the cleaning, spreading and cleaning more manure, and the milking and the jar washing, the pail washing, the floor washing when I spill milk all over the floor. That's always fun. Milk is sticky.
Yup I'm thankful we have a milk cow named Maggie, even with all the attitude and extra work she brings our way.

Thursday, November 3, 2011


Guess this is popular on blogs for the month of November! It's a thankful challenge. So I will be posting things this month that I am thankful for. Probably not everyday, but maybe once a week. Guess I'll have to wait and see how the month goes.
Feel free to copy the idea, or leave a comment about something your thankful for! I'd love to hear, or read it! So here goes my start to the thankful challenge!

I'm thankful I live in the country, on a back road, on a farm. I only know this life and I'm so glad I get to live it. Even when I'm dog tired and my head hits the pillow and I wake up with the imprint of the pillow on the side of my face. When I have to traipse outside in the middle of the night and check on the cow. When there are weeds in the garden that need to be taken out and then a houseful of produce in the living room and kitchen beckoning me to get it done, and I trip over it every time I come and go. I love the beauty of life all around me. The beauty of spring when the trees and grass are coming alive, the birds are "twitterpated" and dive and leap around, the peepers out in full force happy to be coming out and growing and changing as the spring turns to summer. The hot, long days of summer with the tick lush grass and the animals happily eating it, swishing their tails at the flies. The BBQ's, fire pit nights with s'mores, friends and family. The fall when the trees are changing their colors to red, yellow, purple, gold, rust and brown and then fall and twirl around in the wind. The way the air changes to a deep earthy scent. The white snow that comes to cover the barren ground and put a new beauty to it in white. The kiddos playing in the snow, and sledding down the driveway. And the white stays with us until the earth warms up and comes to relieve us of the cold with the promise of spring as the air turns warmer, the sap starts to run and the trees once again begin to come alive with buds!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

good quote

"Would you like you, if you met you?"

I have no idea who said this, or wrote it. I just saw it the other day and stopped and thought about it, and so I thought I'd share it and maybe you'll think about it too. If not that's ok too!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

fall snowfall

I went to bed Saturday night to this

Snow. It added up real fast too. That's looking out back of the house. A heavy wet snow at that!
Sunday morning I woke up to this

And this. My lonely clothes rack, getting buried in snow.

And this was a little later in the morning. It finally stopped around 10.
More snow. And no power. AAaahhhhh! Thankfully we were ready, kinda. I'm so thankful for our wood stove. Makes winter power outages so much warmer!
When Matthew went out to milk the cow he quickly realized how much snow we got. 12-14 inches of heavy, wet snow. I was going to drive up and check on our neighbor, and went out the shed door and saw all the snow. Matthew was shoveling to get into the cow barn, and I realized I wasn't driving anywhere. The car was buried in snow. I really didn't want to walk all the way up there in 12 inches of snow, so I instead went to feed the horses, sheep, and check on the chickens, and Matthew decided he would take the tractor up and check on our neighbor and see if she needed anything with the power outages. I milked the cow so he could get going. I had to dump the milk, because we had no way to cool it and we needed to get to church, and with all the snow and moving it around we were a little behind. Just as we were about to head out the door to church our neighbor called and said his cows were out and was wondering if we could help get them in. They were way down to a different neighbors house, which for his cows was a surprise. He has beef cattle and they don't really do that far. I guess with the snow storm and loss of power they decided to go for a walk! Maybe they were confused. It's not time for snow, in my opinion. So Matthew put his snow boots back on and headed out the door to help. The kiddos and I stayed home. I was glad we were home to go and help. Our neighbors have helped chase our cow a few times and have stuck through till she was in, so it was only right that we help. I would have, but didn't have anyone to watch the kiddos. It took them 3 long hours to get the cattle back in. They had them rounded up, until someone drove by and scared them off, back into the woods. So back to square one and rounding them up, again!
The power had turned back on right when Matthew left, and I was happy, but I decided I better get some more water for the animals and the, ahem, toilet! I didn't know if it would stay on with all the wind, and knowing how wet the snow was I figured better be safe then sorry. Boy I was glad I did too. The power was only on for about an hour before it flickered and then went back out for a long time.
We left later in the afternoon to a fellowship meal and hang out with our church family, and the power was still off when we left. On the way to the party we heard on the radio that tons (they gave a number, but I don't remember it) of people were out  of power and probably would be for a while. I was again glad I had refilled up the buckets, and if all else failed we could melt snow in the house by the fire place. Thankfully when we got home that night it was back on! (Matthew had come home and done chores while I stayed at the party, and when he got home it was still on! Phew!)
Then Monday morning when I got up the sun was out and it quickly warmed up to the 50's!! The kiddos went out and played in it and made some snowmen and snow horses! They also deiced shoveling sounded like fun, so they did that too!
Now most of the snow is gone. Just a hard and fast reminder that winter is quickly knocking on the back door and we need to make sure we are ready, and I mean completely ready for it! Yikes, it came fast, and let us know that we still have a few more winterizing projects to do before it comes to stay!!