Monday, November 28, 2011

thankful 13

Oh am I ever thankful for a barn full of hay! Literally. We were blessed with such an amazing hay crop this year. Chicken poo is really a wonderful thing!! Our hay field was starved for some input of manure and we got a truck load and WOW what a huge difference it made. Last year we had to buy hay in the spring because it was so wet and we couldn't get the animals on the field without destroying it and our hay was gone. This year we have some extra to sell!! And we got our first second crop of hay too. I feel totally blessed with hay this year! We have all the equipment to hay the fields and better yet it's paid for. My husband likes to joke that we are state of the art 1970! But hey it works! We did have to hire out to have the field mowed due to the abundance of it, but still I'm so thankful for it all! All our animals will be fed homegrown organic hay this winter!!


  1. And it doesn't get a whole lot better than that. Wish I had a barn and some hay burners. Maybe next year.

  2. What a great thing to be able to grow your own! We have to buy all of ours and it sure is expensive! Hubby had the forethought to "lay some in" a couple of months ago to see us through the winter and we are REALLY glad because he found out the other day that 100-pound bales of alfalfa are going for $21-$22 each! YIKES!!