Wednesday, November 16, 2011

boys, boys, boys...

Where have I been you wonder? Or not. Well grab a cup of coffee or what ever you like to drink and a muffin, or donut and I'll tell you about my past few days. They have been busy.
It a started about six years this is gonna be a long post... naw just kidding!!
It was about 4am on Thursday actually. Our boy woke us up crying and couldn't move his arm or something, my memory is kinda fuzzy and I wasn't awake. I mean it was 4am! We stumble down to his room and he said something was hurting his arm. So Matthew proceeds to take his shirt off, Little Matt's that is, and he sees a deer tick is in shoulder, just below his collar bone! Oh great! It's head was in there, it was a bite! So bleary eyed me, Matthew and Little Matt stumble to our room to get the tick out. The rest of the kiddos were sleeping peacefully and we didn't want to wake them up. We get the tick out and send him back to bed. In the morning we call the doctor and we get an appointment for that afternoon. OK, let me back up a minute here, the night before we were up until 12am. Matthew had a meeting he had to go to. One of my sisters came over for a visit and we made some yummy, delish food together, and burned some bacon. oops. Then my SIL came over with her kiddos. Our husbands went to the same meeting, and they were gone until 11:30. My sister left around 9:30 after much laughing and shopping online for, well, clothes. So none of us had gone to bed until 12am-ish. Just so you know we are all very tired to begin with. Well at the doctors office they got more of the tick head out and put him on an antibiotic for 10 days. Then in 6 weeks he goes back for a Lyme Disease test. We are praying the antibiotic works and he is free and clean! Then Thursday night was a late night again, don't remember what we did. Then Friday morning was a disaster too. Nothing was going as planned for any of us. Matthew was going hunting in the morning with one of his brothers. He had just left.  Keep in mind we are all still running on low sleep and energy, due to late nights and early mornings. I was in the bathroom putting my makeup on, when Little Matt lets out this holler and a distressed "MOMMY!!!" Running for my son I see him holding his mouth. I asked what happened and he shows me his tooth. Now it's his front tooth, his adult front tooth, and nice sized chunk of it was in his hand! OH MY WORD! I get him calmed down and look in his mouth, no blood. That's good. How did he knock out his tooth you are all wondering? Well he has a long toy rifle, that he plays "Danial Boone" with. We are huge Dan Boone fans around here, especially my boy. Somehow he had the top near his face, and somehow managed to knock his head into the top just at the right angle and whack, there goes the tooth. He doesn't remember how he did it really, but that is close enough to how it went down.  I took his tooth and got the phone and called Matthew. He came right home. I called the dentist. It's Friday and they are closed. Great. I call the doctors office, and the person who answered the phone says take him to the ER. So we all pile up in the car and head to the ER. The girls and I sit in the waiting room, and the receptionist gave them a color book and crayons. I thought that was nice of her. The T.V. was on and it was CSI Miami. Not a good show for young kiddos. So the color books were great for them to do and not watch the show. They were very good waiting and didn't complain, but did ask how much longer they were going to be gone. A woman comes in and asked me if they were all mine, and I proudly said yes! After an hour or so we can leave. There is nothing they can do for him. Wondering why they sent us there, the ER doctor called our doctor and he said he didn't send us there, so I'm thinking that whoever I talked to might be getting a talking to from the doctor, sending us there. Oops. So my boy had a nice chunk of his front tooth missing all weekend. We put his tooth in the fridge to keep it to show the dentist. The weekend was a bit of a blur. I went to my grandmothers on Saturday for a her 79th birthday, with the kiddos. After the party my parents took the kiddos to TSC (Tractor Supply) to do some window shopping for Christmas. My Dad loves to take the kiddos there. It's such a hoot to watch them all. They always pick out the all terrain go cart thing, that they want. Which I tell them they are not getting that for Christmas! Matthew worked, went hunting and put in some fire wood for his parents. Then that evening we had our monthly supper with all of Matthew's family. He's got 4 other brothers, and all are married with kiddos too. My in laws have 18 grand kids. (one of which is in Heaven). So there are lots of people to feed and kiddos playing! (For those of you who just started following my blog)!!  Sunday was church. Thankfully we got some much needed rest on that day! Monday rolled around and we got an appointment with the dentist in the morning. So another day running. The girls went to my MIL while Matthew and I took Little Matt to the dentist. We took his tooth too, and they were able to glue it back on right then!! That was kinda cool. They were just going to put a filling to cover it, but when I said we had his tooth they decided to use that instead, seeings how it was in one piece. Now he just can't bite into an apple or carrot, because his tooth is only so strong and could still come off. If that happened they would put a filling on it. Someday down the road they can put a crown on it and it will be just like all his other grown up teeth. Come to find out we know a few of people that have a cap on their front tooth, and you'd never know. I'm so relieved that it's fixed and is doing fine.
Oh we are not done yet. My poor boy has had a time of it. Seems like things happen in threes. Then the other night we were at my BIL and SIL for supper. Mary and I were inside freezing chickens, (they had some late broilers that they had raised), the boys were outside stacking fire wood, the kiddos were inside playing Lego's. Matthew came in and asked for a drink, and my boy went to get him one, and then tripped over the cord and fell on the corner of their hearth pad by the stove and went down hard. The water spilled, but the glass didn't break and my boy was in tears. I thought oh no it's his tooth again as he hit the floor with a thump! Matthew grabbed him and got him on the couch and asked what hurt. His arm. It was swollen and he wouldn't move it. Oh here we go! I thought as I got him a drink. He was pale and tired, and sore. So we waited a while to see what we were going to do. Little Matt sat around outside with the men. We finished freezing the chickens then went home. We kinda figured we might be going to the hospital the next morning if it wasn't better. Matthew thought it might be broken, so did I. Well the next morning we got up and Little Matt was using his arm, bending his elbow and moving his fingers. All good! So we are very happy to say it is not broken. Just sore and tender. Phew.
Then last night it was so nice out, a balmy 55ish degrees. I have wanted to have another fire pit with s'mores, and I have everything just waiting. It's been really nice the past few days and warm! Oh my it's been nice out. A sweater and jeans!! Yup it's a nice fall. So we invited my BIL and SIL over with their kiddos and we had s'mores by the fire pit! I love s'more's! So good by the fire with friends and it's warm out! It was nice to visit and not have anyone get hurt or have my boy get hurt!
My poor boy is doing much better and is on the mend from all his troubles of late. He's been such a trooper though all this too.
Now I'm ready to not spend so much time at the doctors!
Ah kiddos, just when you think all is well and your so thankful for healthy ones, something is bound to happen. Although I am thankful for healthy kiddos, because they really are. Don't really go to the doctors often, if you don't count the past week! ;-)
Have a great day all!!


  1. Wow! You did have an eventful las few days. I guess we can forgive you for not blogging. lol!

  2. The title of your post says it all!! LOL!!
    Glad he is okay and hope the antibiotic works for the tick bite!

  3. What you've written sounds so familiar. I had 4 boys so you can imagine. One broke both arms in 2 months. He'd only been out of the first cast 2 weeks when he broke the other. My oldest also broke his front tooth and has had a couple of crowns on it.
    Anyway, your weekend will be fodder for after dinner conversation when they are grown and married with kids.

  4. Health is a wonderful thing, when it goes, it goes quickly...

  5. SFG- LOL! Thanks!

    Candy C.- I hope the antibiotic works too.

    doglady- goodness! I hope we don't have that happen all at once! Hopefully things have cooled down a bit with my boy. now we just pray for safety for them all and wait for it to happen again!

    FTCF- I know what you mean.

  6. Wow, what an epic few days. Glad to hear he is coming out of it all ok. Oh, and you are so right, S'mores + a good fire + family = a great time! - Kelly's Adv in KY.