Wednesday, November 23, 2011

thankful 10

I'm thankful for being a stay at home mom. Matthew and I decided that I would stay home once I had Little Matt. I worked for a portion of my pregnancy with him. It's not always easy and certainly not glamorous, as your reaching your hand in the toilet to try to pull out that toy before it goes down and clogs up your toilet. Even though it goes down anyways. Or you wash rocks or dry red crayons into your bedding in the dryer. Yup that's happened. Having and raising kiddos has been such a life changing event in my life. With each one my life has changed and the dynamic of our family. I don't think, most days, (if I'm being honest), I could leave them for someone else to raise or teach them. I remember my mother in law telling me a joke about staying home and home schooling her sons, and now I can totally relate to her joke about it. I won't share it, but women who do what I do would understand! Ya it's a challenge, but I love a challenge and feel confident that we are on the right path. With the help of my Heavenly Father I know I'll make it, along with His forgiveness, and that of my kiddos when I fail.


  1. I honestly think our country and our children would be SOOO much better off if all moms would do what you do!

  2. I agree with you and Candy! Don't even get me