Thursday, November 17, 2011

thanfkul 6 & 7

I guess these two things kinda go hand and hand.
First of all I'm very thankful for a healthy family. Generally speaking we are all healthy. Sure we all get the occasional cold or flu, or knock out a tooth! but there are no major illnesses. I am so thankful for that! There are so many things out there that can happen and cause an illness or they could get a disease and have it all go down hill so fast. I pray for the health and well being of my family daily. I'm well aware that what comes our way is from the hand of God, and there is a reason for it.
With that said I'm also thankful for medical care. Weather it be a chiropractor, regular doctor, dentist, surgeon, a specialist or nurses.

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  1. Those are two very good things to be thankful for and I agree with you! :)