Thursday, November 3, 2011


Guess this is popular on blogs for the month of November! It's a thankful challenge. So I will be posting things this month that I am thankful for. Probably not everyday, but maybe once a week. Guess I'll have to wait and see how the month goes.
Feel free to copy the idea, or leave a comment about something your thankful for! I'd love to hear, or read it! So here goes my start to the thankful challenge!

I'm thankful I live in the country, on a back road, on a farm. I only know this life and I'm so glad I get to live it. Even when I'm dog tired and my head hits the pillow and I wake up with the imprint of the pillow on the side of my face. When I have to traipse outside in the middle of the night and check on the cow. When there are weeds in the garden that need to be taken out and then a houseful of produce in the living room and kitchen beckoning me to get it done, and I trip over it every time I come and go. I love the beauty of life all around me. The beauty of spring when the trees and grass are coming alive, the birds are "twitterpated" and dive and leap around, the peepers out in full force happy to be coming out and growing and changing as the spring turns to summer. The hot, long days of summer with the tick lush grass and the animals happily eating it, swishing their tails at the flies. The BBQ's, fire pit nights with s'mores, friends and family. The fall when the trees are changing their colors to red, yellow, purple, gold, rust and brown and then fall and twirl around in the wind. The way the air changes to a deep earthy scent. The white snow that comes to cover the barren ground and put a new beauty to it in white. The kiddos playing in the snow, and sledding down the driveway. And the white stays with us until the earth warms up and comes to relieve us of the cold with the promise of spring as the air turns warmer, the sap starts to run and the trees once again begin to come alive with buds!


  1. Ditto! mostly... haven't always live in the country, but it was still a good life nonetheless!

  2. What a beautiful post! Living in the country is GOOD!! :)

  3. such a great post!
    I'm thankful that you are so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!