Sunday, November 6, 2011

what's cooking in my kitchen

So with all the pumpkins that we grew and even after giving them away I still have lots of pumpkins. But not as many as last year I think it was, we had around 60 pie pumpkins. I refuse to can them too. It takes I don't know, 80 minutes or something ridiculous like that to can them. I don't like them frozen as they tend to be watery. So they line my hallway and eat them as we go. I've been trying different recipes and some regular ones too, like pumpkin pie, bread, roll, and muffins. I found a pumpkin smoothie on Pioneer Woman the other day that I'm going to have to try. Looked really good. I made a new pumpkin muffin recipe that called for cream cheese in it. The recipe said it's like the one's at Starbucks. I've never had one of their muffins so I wouldn't know, but figured it must be good. I like their coffee though, I really like it. I've never had cream cheese in my muffin before either. I was looking for one like Dunkin Donuts pumpkin muffins, but all the recipes I found called for a pumpkin spice cake mix. I don't have that in my cupboard, and I wanted homemade so I changed my search to just pumpkin muffins. And I choose this one!
Now that you know all that lets make some cream cheese filled pumpkin muffins!!

Take all your dry stuff and dump it in the bowl. I like the different shades of color that the spices, sugar, four and soda make. I covered most of one of the spices with the sugar. When I copied the recipe I forgot to write in the sugar and had to go look it up again to put sugar in it. I don't think they would have been as good without it.
Blend all the dry together. Smells really good.
Next add you wet. Oil, I use olive oil for all my cooking, fresh pumpkin, and eggs. Beat the eggs before adding them to the mixture. 
 Just gotta say look at those eggs. Now that is farm fresh nicely colored and firm eggs. Laid yesterday by our lovely hens!
Plop all your wet into the dry...

Mix it well. Then...

 Get your cut up chunks of semi frozen cream cheese out of the freezer and...

Put one chunk of cream cheese in the middle of each muffin

This is what the look like ready to go in the oven. I use stoneware, that is why the pan is discolored. It's Pampered Chef don't-cha know!
mmmmm out of the oven and ready to be eaten. Just don't burn your tongue on the cream cheese. It's very hot! Don't even need any butter!
Here is the recipe it you are interested. I googled pumpkin muffins and choose this recipe! It's really easy to make and really tasty!
Pumpkin Cream Cheese Muffins-(like Starbucks) (that was the name of it)

3 C flour                            1 tes cloves
1 tes cinnamon                     4 tes pumpkin pie spice
1 tes nutmeg                         1 tes salt
1 tes baking soda                4 eggs
2 C pumpkin                     2 C sugar  (don't forget to write in the sugar)!
1 1/4 oil                          8 oz cream cheese

Preheat oven to 350. Cut up chunks of cream cheese into 1-2 teaspoon and freeze for about an hour. I only froze it for about 10 minutes, I was too impatient to wait, and it worked fine. I just got to lick the cream cheese off my fingers when I was done! Mix dry, mix wet, throw together. Mix well. Put into muffin tin, then push a clump of cream cheese into the middle of each muffin. Pop it in the oven and bake for 20-25 minutes.



  1. Oh Yummy! I am so going to try to do this! Thanks for sharing!! - Kelly's Adv in Ky

  2. I tried a different recipe here awhile back and didn't like the way the cream cheese filling turned out, it kinda melted away. I'll have to try your version, looks much better! :)

  3. I wonder if the freezing it helps it not to melt. I think when I make them again I will try only 3 teaspoons of the pumpkin pie spice, it was strong. They were still good though!