Monday, February 28, 2011

monday confessions...

Well, its been snowing most of the day and now has started to rain!! It's made a mess of the roads, but it's melting the snow! So I guess it's a good thing.
We all went into town this afternoon, right during the worst of the storm, but with the man driving, all went well. He made the car go into a slip, but came right out of it. Show off. The kiddos love to go shopping with me, and they all like to help put things into the cart. I have to keep an eye on them or who knows what they would put in there!!! Actually they are really good and can recognize what we get  and can get them for me. That's real good. The man sits in the car and reads the mail, he hates to shop.
4:45  this morning we got a phone call. Who calls at the horrible hour anyways?! It was the post office saying that we had some chicks waiting for us, and would be arriving closer to us later that morning! Great! We had notified out postal person that we had some chicks coming, so they would be on the look out. After we hung up we snuggle down deeper in the covers and go back to sleep. Matthew asked me if I would do chores  so he could go get the chicks and a few things he forgot at the mill, so of course I was all for it! I was still miking when he got home with them. We have pushed our milking back a little at a time due to the time change coming next month, and don't want to spring it on Maggie that morning and have her be sore or get mastitis.
My house if full of the sound of the happy peeping of the new girls! They are too cute!! We have enjoyed listening to them and watching them run all around the box.
A friend of ours ordered some bantam chicks, and the company threw in some extras to help keep them warm, and they were all dead. 27 of them! Those little buggers are not cheap either! We called the company and they said they would reimburse us or send more chicks, and our friend decided to try again. I felt so bad. I looked at the chicks and they would be real cute. They thought it was strange for them all to die, so did we. Poor things.

Aaaawwww. aren't they cute? That yellow one is a filler and a boy, so he will meet his fate, soon enough! The brown one is the Partridge Rock

Oh they are cute little fuzzy things!

more cuteness 

more fuzzy butts

Matthew thinks that their markings look like a chipmunk. I know you can't see all the colors of her, but they really do! Kinda funny! If you look real close at the other on up above you can see some of their markings

I made dough boys for supper last night. They were real good too! We had some left over and had them for breakfast this morning!
flatten it out

fry it up...

tada! wonderful supper!! and so not good for you!
DaLaney helped me cook this afternoon, and then she did two large batches of dishes. She even wiped them too. She's such a good helper. She told me she was having fun too! I'm thankful for her help.
Today is my in laws anniversary, and we all are bringing supper to them and getting together.
I found a recipe for homemade brownies, and can't wait to make them. Yes I 'll take pictures and share the recipe with you, if I like them!! Hahaha
I also bought the stuff to make my own taco seasoning! Thanks FTCF for the recipe! Can't wait to try it now.
Gotta run to the party now!! Have a great night!!


  1. That was weird that all those chicks died. Maybe got too cold. I love puffy chicken butts! Nothing better!

  2. just wondering what exactly you are confessing?

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  5. Aww yes the fuzzy butts are adorable. My husband had to drag me out of the feed store last weekend as I was oohing and awwwing the chicks they had in there.

  6. Didn't all good country dwelling Mainer's go into town yesterday during the worst of the storm? I did.
    Your chicks look great.Enjoy the peeping.