Sunday, February 6, 2011

sunny weekend

What a beautiful weekend it was here in Maine! The sun was out in full force, melting snow and it was warm outside! The kiddos had a good time out in it too! One of the kiddos spent the night at my in laws with her cousin on Friday and they had a blast. Saturday night we went to a friends house for a wonderful meal of Mexican food and Godiva White Chocolate cheesecake, with raspberries and whipped cream on top! I could have eaten just that for supper! It was super good, or in Maine as I sometimes find myself guilty of saying is that was wicked good! We has a snow storm that started Saturday night and it was huge snow flakes coming down and adding up fast. I was hoping we wouldn't get lots of it, and we only got 6 inches! Half of what they were calling for!! Then is rained. Well actually it down poured! On top of that we got a thunder storm! A huge one! Woke me out of a dead sleep. I don't remember ever having a thunder storm in the winter! The lightening was just as bad, and it was right on top of us! We were on high alert because one of the kiddos is afraid of the thunder, but slept right through it! We did not. That settled a lot of the snow and made a slushy mess of the roads. But the sun was out again today and felt wonderful on my face as we enjoyed it after church. The warmth of the sum makes the kiddos excited for summer. One said the other day I hate winter, it's never going to be summer. Kinda grumpily. I think they sound like me, but it seems like a long winter with all the snow we've gotten. But they came right out of it after we told them that yes summer will be here before you know it and you'll wish you had a snow bank to jump in! Or a mud puddle to cool off in. Yeah water is a magnet for them. I have to wash their clothes right after and hose them off after they swim in one, they stink, but they think it's the most fun! I remember swimming in a mud puddle or two when I was a little girl, so they come by it honestly! And my husband, well he was a mischievous little boy once too!
I know they are calling for more snow this week too! Monday night into Tuesday! Not a lot though, but we'll see!
But right now, I'm thankful for two days with the sun beating down, warmer air, not lugging water from the house to the barn because of the solar heat of the sun, a wonderful family that I cherish, and the promise of spring right around the corner and all that it will bring!! Have a wonderful night all!

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  1. One of my sons is teaching English in Russia and he likes to add some of the Maine idioms. The phrase "wicked good" is particularly confusing to his students but they love it.