Friday, February 4, 2011

through the snow we go...

Oh it seems like we are always cleaning up a snow mess this winter! We have had sooooooo much snow! I  can't guarantee I won't complain about it.
 I did the chores yesterday morning so Matthew could dig us out, again! I sat and milked the cow as my son chattered away and then he asked me a question. It took me by surprise. He simply asked "what DO you like about winter Mommy?" I know I'm not shy about saying I don't like winter, and the kids know it. But they still invite me to play with them in the snow banks and I love to do that! Then my surprise came again as I found myself answering him. It just rolled out of my mouth as I milked. The truth. I told him that I told him I liked that fact that it was a time of rest. And by rest I meant that the gardens were done growing, so we don't have to weed, pick, weed, pick weed, can it, and the field work was done. And we could feed our animals, and ourselves with all that we had done during the warmer months. No longer did I have to mow the lawn (Little Matt mowed some this year too). That the meat chickens are in the freezer. I told him that the gardens and fields die and comes back to life in the spring. That everything has a life cycle and God is in control of it. That if you stop and think about it, it's truly amazing how it works. The ground rests and so do we, the ground grows and produces and we work to tend it. I said even in Florida where it's usually much warmer there, then here, the gardens need a rest. I don't know anything about gardening in warmer climates, but all the vegetables, fruit, and fields need a rest time there too. All the seasons have their greatness, even winter! He smiled and we chatted a little more. Then he picked up Hardy and put him close to me and I squirted milk in his mouth and he licked his lips quickly to keep up with the flow of milk at him. I laughed so hard I had to stop milking! It was so funny I wished I had the camera. I guess I'm gonna have to make it a permanent part of my body. When I figure out that feat I'll share! The other cat growls and hisses at you if you do that to him. The weather is supposed to be warmer in the coming weeks and it is so tempting to start tapping trees, but I'm afraid if we do when the snow melts we'll need a ladder to get the sap buckets down! There is so much snow!
 My sister came to visit me yesterday. If you haven't guessed I have two older sisters. For fear of my life I won't mention our ages, but we are all relatively close in age. hehe! I'm glad we live in the same state too. Different towns in different directions, but we get along well, and have a good time when we get together! I had a wonderful visit and we cooked supper together too. She started some wonderful cinnamon rolls that sit overnight and you finish in the morning. Oh were they good! My husband said that they tasted a lot like the ones I usually make, but lighter and not so heavy! WOW! What a complement. I was pleased that he liked them, and they came out well. The kiddos thought they were good too. They thought I could make them again!  I have a very discriminating family when it comes to food. They tell me when it's gross and they tell me when it's good. I don't mind as long as they are nice about it. I can handle it. I like the honesty. I'll show you some pictures. Look at 'em if you dare!!
Seems like I'm talking a lot about us and cooking and not a lot about farming, but I guess that's what happens in the winter. Soon I'll be talking about all the farming and canning I'll be doing and you'll wonder when do they eat or where has she gone with no posts!? I'll take pictures for sure. If I can I'll try to post tomorrow some farming pictures!  Ah farm life. Only one I really know, and the only one I really want!

Roll out the dough real thin, add lots of melted homemade butter, organic cane juice (sugar),  and cinnamon, roll up tight...

Cut into 1 inch rolls and put in a buttered pan to rise... then bake about 20 minutes...

baked to golden perfection. Then drizzle on some glaze and devour while still warm! I helped myself to two, as did Little Matt! That's a 9*13 pan full of them!

The kiddos stopped playing to get their picture taken! That is the top of the chicken coop in the back there. Just to show how BIG the snow banks are! What a beautiful day!

How many people have a snow plow truck come and plow their driveway??!! 
That's right folks! A snow plow! We have so much snow that the plow truck can't move the snow any farther! And with more snow coming on Saturday...  The man who plows out neighbors driveway asked a friend who drives a snow plow truck if he could swing over and move some snow!  He did, as you can see! How many people have that happen??!! The kiddos couldn't wait to abandon their school work and get outside to watch! How exciting! A little red neck? Maybe, but oh well!


  1. Those rolls look delicious! Since you got me to make some bread last weekend, it will be cinnamon rolls for my boys this! Thanks :) I really like your explination about the winter rest too. Hopefully it won't snow too much more for you!

  2. So glad that you love the cinnamon rolls! It really is a happy dough! I know the baking soda and baking powder make the difference in the dough and the light airy feeling! I had a really good time with you and the kids yesterday! Thanks for letting us come and interrupt your life for a day. What a blessing to have sisters.

  3. Thanks Kelly's! If you want the recipe I used for the cinnamon rolls go to pioneer woman cooks, and search cinnamon rolls! enjoy!

  4. That's a lot of snow! I'm so glad we didn't get that much this year.
    Your cinnimon rolls look wonderful!

  5. two words for you and the camera situation... neck strap!