Monday, February 7, 2011

monday confessions...

Ah another Monday! And just think there is only about 52 Mondays in the year. Why is Monday so hard to get back into? Sunday is the first day of the week and I love Sundays! A day of rest and fellowship with some great friends and family!  Then the monster of Monday rolls around and I find myself fumbling my way through it! I think the kiddos do to, but I think that it's because of me. I do have a routine, but am not the kind of person to live by a set schedule and all order for every hour. My life is full kids and farming and well, life and it just happens sometimes! I tend to like the spontaneity of my life! Keeps things interesting!

I don't like green peppers and I do the shopping so I don't buy them, but I do like red, orange and yellow peppers and do buy them. Matthew doesn't like fresh mushrooms. The kiddos are not big fans of lettuce, but they eat it anyways. They claim that home grown lettuce is so much better then the store bought, and I would agree.
I'm very computer savvy. NOT! I can find my way around my kitchen blind folded but put me on a computer and I can find my way around some, but I do call my sister, and she laughs at me from time to time about my questions! And me being the computer savvy gal that I am, I am currently having issues with this computer and uploading pictures, so I will not be posting a picture tonight after trying for a while to figure out this new fanangled upload that I had to have!!!! Ugh, me and my bright ideas! Guess I'll be putting in a call to my sister very soon and pleading with her to come bale me out of this little computer mess I got myself into! That is her warning!
I love spaghetti, but my husband is not so much a fan of it, but will eat it! I think it's partly because I made it so much when we were first married because I wasn't around so much to cook, and being a self taught cook I have expanded my cooking line! I love to try new recipes!
Today the kiddos were outside a lot, enjoying the warmth and the sun and getting to run off some extra energy they have! They made the cutest snowmen out there today and I've got pictures to share, but... see above about me being computer savvy!


  1. Hi! Wandered over to check out your blog (cute) after seeing your comment on mine (thanks for visiting). I figured out who you are... we live closer than you think! ;) Let's see if you can guess: I came to your home soon after you were married (maybe even a couple times) which then led me to your Mom's home and then your sister's. Hubby & I are friends with one of Matthew's brothers and his wife...
    Got it yet? How did you find my blog? I'm curious! Still new at it, but I'm having fun.
    I love your jersey cow... I want one but Hubby said no, so I'm getting goats instead this spring. ;) TTYL

  2. Forgot to answer your question on my blog. Yes, that rake works. We bought a "package deal" of haying equipment that we found in the Uncle Henry's last fall. We love that rake because it's ground driven, so we can haul it behind the 4-wheeler! :D

  3. Yes MFG I figured out who you are!! I was looking at other blogs and the name popped out and so I dropped by!
    The old rakes are good! A little slow, but they work!