Thursday, February 24, 2011




cutie pie?

Oh yes we think she is just a cute as anything. And she really is. I think I shall get a close up of her. I've mentioned before that we live in the country, and that we have A LOT of snow this year, and it's been a good season for snowmobiler's to come by, and yes we have lots of 'em. Well late this after noon I was out getting some meat out of the freezer to thaw for supper and two snowmobiler's stopped by and saw me. They turned off their engines and asked what the cows name was. I told them it was Magnolia, Maggie for short. One of them said they had come by last night and wanted to get a picture of her, but she was being milked at the time, by yours truly. The man asked if it was my son that was milking her!  I evidently look like a boy when I'm in all my get up milking in this here freezing state of Maine!!  Hahahaha!! Guess he's not used to women wearing Carharts! Turns out they are from New Jersey and come up on the weekend to go snowmobiling, and stay in the next town over!! His girlfriend and he named her, the cow, "Elsie" and she wanted a picture of her. I thought that was kinda funny. He just couldn't get over how cute she was. His buddy teased him and said it's like he's never seen a cow before!! Guess living in New Jersey you wouldn't. Wouldn't know, never been there before. And I guess the women don't wear Carharts either!! He took the pictures and who knows maybe he has a blog and will put her on it and claim she's the cutest cow he's ever seen!!!! They even had the accent of their state too!!
Thankfully all the snowmoblier's that come by are good about not scaring the animals, or running over any of my kiddos! They slow down near the animals barn and the neighbors driveway, and are aware there are kiddos running around too. Haven't had a problem, and I'm thankful for that.

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  1. Maybe she will become known all over the world as the cutest cow ever! lol