Monday, January 31, 2011

monday confessions...

If your interested in getting to know me, keep reading...

Is it wrong to eat a Little Debbie snack AFTER you work out?? Well I totally did that! It was good too, the work out and the snack!  It was a German Chocolate. They remind me of the old girl scout S'Mores cookies. They are so good! I don't get them often, so they are a treat for me. Yes I know they are full of bad for you things, but if I have a craving for them, I buy them. It does me no good to deny that "thing", weather it's chips (another weakness of mine) or chex mix, or fresh pineapple, or what have you. I feel like if I'm really craving something I should eat it and end that craving, and move on. I don't go hog wild on that craving, moderation.
I read in a magazine that you need to do something for 21 days for it to become a habit, and six months for it to become second nature. I stopped and thought about that for a while too.  I think that is true, at least for me. When I started working out, and don't think that I am a freak about working out and have weights, and  have this long process of working out, and all that stuff, because I don't, and I'm not. I just know that the older I get the harder it is to take and keep weight off, and having four kids, let's just say it changes the waist line. That said, I would NEVER not have kids either. They are a blessing and our heritage, and I feel blessed to have them and love them very much. So,  I work out 3-4 times a week. How do I find time? Well, I kick my husband out of the living room, send the kids off to bed, crank the music and do it! Not long after I started, about 2 years ago I felt better, and that just motivated me to continue. Plus my best friend was getting married and I was in her wedding, and I wanted to loose weight! Motivation for me is key! I changed lots of other things after that too, and lost the weight, and have kept it off. I hope I can keep it off for good too. I can also tell when I haven't worked out for a while too. So I guess I need to keep my German Chocolates to a minimum! Good thing only 8 come in a box!!

NEVER put chocolates on your dryer either. I did that too. Just regular chocolate chips. They melted. I put bleach on top of the bag, and then when I used the bleach on the towels, I found my missing bag of chocolate chips. Oops. Now why did I have a bag of chocolate chips on my dryer you wonder? Well I was trying to get the grocery's put away, and put them on the dryer while I was rearranging my jelly cabinet (my husband made it for me, and yes I put jelly in it, and extra pasta along with my pizza sauce!) to put some of the pasta away, and imagine this, I got distracted, forgot they were up there, and left them there.  Now I guess I'll be making some homemade chocolates, again.

My kiddos told me today that their lunch was tad poles and grass! It wasn't. If I have to state the obvious!

I'm a fan of Jason Aldean's music!

Here is my jelly cabinet! Ya, there is a small book case next to it too. 


  1. Today between veterinarian appts., I went to Ocean State Job Lots in Belfast, ME. I purchased Garden of Eden corn chips and Brad's Organic Salsa. For dessert I had a Toberlone, the whole thing, white chocolate bar. I understand how eating a Little Debbie happened.

  2. Oh good! Glad someone else has a confession and a chocolate craving!!