Tuesday, January 25, 2011

monday confessions...

I'm beginning to wonder if the winter is ever going to end. It's been snowing A LOT! It's also been very cold here too. It was -12 the other morning. When Matthew milked that morning he said when the milk hit the side of the pail it froze! Burrrr... We kept the animals inside that night. Their barns that is. I don't usually like to put blankets on the horses, but if it's is going to be that cold we put the blankets on the horses. We locked the kittens in the cow barn that night too. Twelve below and the sheep won't stay in their barn, they sleep by the horses  barn!
Monday, was a typical Monday for me. I seem to be very scatter brained on Mondays. I seem to go from one thing to another, and go around in circles, and accomplishing some of my tasks.Try as I might it just is that way. The kids are hard to corral for school too, two days off and they seem to think it should continue. They settle into school by Tuesday though. That Monday morning it wasn't too cold, but Maggie put her foot in the milk pail, so we dumped the milk, then Matthew asked me if I could milk that night so he could get some more hay because later this week we are supposed to get more snow! I said sure. I was glad to do it, it's felt like forever since I milked, so I happily went and was milking away when Maggie moved her left leg, and knocked the pail over. Milk went everywhere! I didn't grab it in time, and then she decided she needed to do her business! Bad thing is I was almost done milking too! Uuugggghhhh. No fresh milk on Monday. Supper was late that night too, we had last minute company for supper and Matthew had to help our neighbor get the snow off his roof, and he fell off the roof. Thankfully he landed in a nice soft fluffy snow pile, and is fine. Our neighbors wife saw him fall and he said the look on her face was horror, as she watched. She asked if he was alright, and he gave her a thumbs up, he looked like a snowman, covered in snow! I'm glad all went well considering and Monday is over, until next week!! Hahahaha...
Anyways I was glad to have dessert that night. I had my favorite dessert! I have a weakness...



Yup, that's what I'm talkin 'bout! These are my favorite things, almost ever!! Yumm-eeee
Yup, whoopie pies! I got the recipe from one of my sister in laws. And I have to say it's the best thing ever to eat too. Not too sweet and just wonderfully chocolaty, but that may be because I use rounded over tablespoons of chocolate!!  I'd have to say chocolate makes Mondays better!! Hahahaha. In a matter of speaking of course.


  1. When wouldn't chocolate make things better?

  2. and oh! been there done that falling off my own roof! SO not fun!

  3. My Mom used to make us whoopie pies when we were little. Yep, one of my favorites too. Hopefully the rest of the week will go better for you. lol