Saturday, January 1, 2011

cow, meet horse. horse meet cow...

Happy New Year all! Welcome 2011!!! We are excited about what this new year will bring to us and the farm!

That said yesterday Matthew and I worked with Time Out and she did so super well that we decided to put her out with the cow!! They have only ever seen each other, never touched, but we figured why not. The cow needs a buddy and Time Out needs to get away from Abby. So...
You have got to be kidding ME!!

I am so not impressed with this creature in MY pasture! I think I might jump the fence! I did it once before!

Yeah, OK, I'll eat her hay. No problem!

Ring around the rosie...

pocket full of posies!

OK, so maybe we can get along and eat hay together, but I have my eye on you!
Thankfully Maggie did not jump the fence, but we thought she was going to for a few minutes after putting Time Out in her pasture! We stood by and watched them, and Maggie was not too sure what we were up to, and she didn't really like Time Out, and Time Out was wondering what her problem was. She made herself right at home, eating Maggie's hay! No one got hurt, although they both kicked up their heels a bit, and walked circles around each other. We threw Maggie some of her own hay after Time Out decided to eat what was out, and Maggie ate some, then the pest came over and Maggie hurried off,  and she ate that hay too! They did touch noses once!  (Got it on the cell, but can't get it on the computer, yet)! They settled down and ate, and were together for about 30-40 minutes and then Abby decided she needed the pest back, and the pest happily went back with her Mommy! Now we will try it again, and see if they can build a friendship, and Time Out will get some cow sense!!!


  1. ...and why pray tell does Time Out need cow sense....hmmmmmmm can't imagine why you'd want that.....

  2. Very adorable. Its good for Maggie to have a little friend, and never hurts a horse to get to know their extended farm family. They can carry that courage out on the trail or wherever life heads them.