Thursday, December 30, 2010

what do you do?

What do you do when a moment comes in your life that punches you in the stomach, and knocks the wind out of you? How do you react? What do you say to the person that gave you the news is someone you know and love? What if the news is about the kids?
What if the words are I have breast cancer from your mother in law? Your very dear friend has had a miscarriage, and you have never had to go through that? Your brother and sister in law tell you they are pregnant, but the baby is not going to live much longer after she is born because her brain never formed correctly? A family member wants children, but it could possibly kill her if she has children? You read on your friends blog, that you have never met, but have been pen pals with for about 8 years, and are certain that if you do meet in this life you would be friends, finds out their 5 year old son has stage four cancer, and they are now fighting for his life? What if someone you love had been raped?
What do you do? How do you react?
My mind is a changing range of emotion this season. All of these things have happened in my life. The words "I'm sorry." Sound so hollow and impersonal. "I'm praying for you." Do you mean it? Do you actually pray for them? Who are you praying to? Do you believe in the power of praying?
When your child is sick and their little heads are heaving over the toilet, or their body is being ravaged by a high fever, and just lay on you all day, don't you wish you were the one that was sick? Don't we all try to keep them safe and healthy? Don't we try to do what is best for them?
Are you thankful that it's not you or your kids, and then are filled with guilt because you thought that? Do you hold your kids closer and kiss them and love on them a little more, and let little things that maybe bothered you, like that loud annoying toy, go?  Do you get down on your knees and bury your face in your hands and cry out to God to bring your loved one comfort and healing? The words to say to try to give comfort to the hurting one? A warm meal to the family in need? Sit quietly with them as you both cry? Clean their house, watch the kids? Does it ever feel like it's enough, or that there should be something more that you could do? Do you hurt when your loved ones or friends hurt? Do you pray for them all day every time you think of them? Are you there for them no matter what?
What do you do? How do you react when life punches you in the stomach and leaves you breathless?

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