Tuesday, December 28, 2010

how 'bout some country livin...

Alright, so all day yesterday it snowed. And the wind blew and I mean it was angry wind. I wondered if the roof would blow off. hahah, no really I did! Thankfully it didn't! In the evening after barn chores Matthew comes in the house and wanted me to go outside for a minute so he could show me something. So silly me, I grab a coat and throw it on, in my sneakers no less, no mittens, or hat even, and trudge outside. I couldn't see Matthew, and as I walk out of the shed he grabs me and throws me over his shoulder and throws me into a nice soft snow bank, oops rather snow drift. I shrieked and laughed at the same time as I landed in the snow! Oh it was cold, soft snow! Matthew laughed and helped me up and we went in the house together. I love it when he plays with me like that!
Then this morning is the clean up after the storm! It's chill you to the bone cold this morning with the wind still howling abound the buildings. Your hands freeze the minute you step out into the cold, as do your feet and nose. The animals need to eat and the cow needs to be milked, so you trudge out and do it! I went out to snap some pictures and help feed the animals as Matthew starts plowing the yard. Before I did I put on my oh so feminine carhart suit, OK so it's really Matthews but I wear one too I like to be as warm as possible on a morning like this, hat, gloves and rubber boots, and  go feed the horses. As I start out to the barn it's bare ground, then I hit the snow drift, and it's a whooper of one too! Glad I didn't have the water buckets in hand yet, 10 gallons of water down my legs, and a face full of snow, in this weather would NOT be fun! Been there done that, and will probably happen again too! I fed the horses and the sheep then made my way back into the house caring their frozen solid water buckets, 10 gallons of frozen water! Now the buckets are sitting by the fire place thawing so I can go back out. FUN! Hopefully by then there will be a path to the barn and no snow drifts! Our snow blower would not do the job of snow blowing the drifts. It's like trying to move a rock they get so hard, so Matthew pulled out the big boy! Our tractor! Oh they are so much fun to drive! Our neighbors driveway is very long (I have a picture), and the man that plows his drive is a man that lives over the river and through the woods from us, and he had to get another neighbor to come over with his tractor to go in front of him to plow a path! Oh I just LOVE country living. Neighbors helping out, snow drifts the size of SUVs, my man on our tractor, the fire going to get out that bone chilling coldness! After coming in and warming up with a warm cup of tea Matthew goes back out and finishes up with the snow. All the animals fed, and watered and done until lunch time when they need more food and water, then supper and so on!
Looking out back. I think it looks cold, and it was! burrrrr

This is right out front of our shed. I was on my knees to get this picture. You can see our snow covered  sap house, and buried truck in the drift!

Our neighbors driveway. The man that  plows decided after this and got stuck he better go get a tractor  to finish this job!

The tractor in front, and the plow truck behind! Gotta love country living with a driveway like that!

When is it going to stop?! You can see part of a drift there too! Ever feel like this?

She thinks my tractors sexy...!!! Yup I do! My man!!

I went in Abby's stall and took this picture. That snow drift is right in front of her door!!You can see her hoof marks in the snow! Yikes! Shes happily munching on hay beside me, thats her head! Time Out is still in her stall beside Abby's.


  1. And once we get all of our buildings accessible and the animals fed, and all the snow blowing and plowing done, we feel so good. Unlike the whiners in NYC who thought the public works guys should have had them all plowed out. They need to learn some self reliance.

  2. that first picture reminds me of th pictures i've seen of the moon!