Sunday, December 19, 2010

random thoughts or soapbox?

As I sit here and munch on chex party mix, drinking some yummy blueberry lemonade, and watching the fire burn out of the corner of my eye, the house is quiet, the kids are in bed and happily snoring in their dream worlds getting a good night sleep I find myself thinking about Christmas. I think that sometimes people get too caught up on the gifts, and not the thought of what they are giving. "Oh lets just get something because it's a good deal", ie (black Friday). One of my many sister in laws went shopping on that particular day and told me some pretty funny, err crazy stories about what she saw. I wonder if any got put on you tube, haha. All the hype, and what a let down. I've never been shopping on black Friday, and don't think I will either. Personally I'd rather not get caught up in all the hype.  I'd rather buy someone, that I love, something nice, that I put thought into, and actually thought about the person I bought the gift for. If someone is to buy me a gift, and I don't expect any, I want thought put into it, not a price tag. To me that is what matters when buying a gift, the thought, not the cost.

I went shopping the other day, Saturday actually, was not looking forward to it because it was the last Saturday before Christmas, and well, it was Saturday. I was actually surprised it wasn't that bad. The traffic was heavy, but I think overall the people were not screaming at each other! I was able to get my shopping done, but the line for the checkout was very long. I only got one dirty look from a woman in front of me about how long it was taking. The cashier was not very friendly, but neither was she rude, ( you know, like I was interrupting her). I overheard someone in front of me ask if it was OK to say Merry Christmas in that store to their customers. How sad.

I bought some stuff to make fudge, and actually made it, and it was a disaster! I've only made fudge a few times, and  I followed the recipe, something I don't always do, to the letter, and it was not a good result. It didn't come out smooth and creamy, but rather clumpy and flaky. The marshmallows didn't melt, and the chocolate must have burnt! I'm not really sure, but it's not good. Guess I'll toss it and try again. Chalk it up to a fudge learning experience!! Oh well!


  1. It could have been the weather sometimes it does make fudge bad. I have never made fudge but would like to try sometime!!!

  2. I would like to correct myself, gifts don't have to be bought. Homemade is wonderful too!

  3. blueberry lemonade? really?