Friday, December 10, 2010

ahh garden work...

Do you remember when I blogged about all my tomatoes? Well here they are, a few pictures anyways! We had 18 tomato plants this year and they produced lots of tomatoes! I think I had 5-6 bushels of them over the course of the summer! I was very pleased with that too. I had to buy spaghetti sauce last winter when my supply ran out, boy I hated to do that! If I can do it myself, I'd rather do it, and with the food we eat, I like to know where it's coming from. Besides, my husband loves my sauce, and he hates pasta! So I get to eat pasta and he likes the flavor of it!! Win win for both I think! My mouth just waters looking at these beautiful tomatoes, all warm and juicy from the summer heat, just begging to be picked and turned into a tomato sandwich, grilled cheese and tomato,  mozzarella cheese, oh the list goes on and on!! I think you get the picture! We had enough tomatoes for pasta sauce, pizza sauce, and some stewed tomatoes for soups this winter! I'd like to try ketchup, and salsa next year. I think my supply will last until next summer too! I like that, knowing I have a beautiful cubbord, made by my husband, filled with our canned goods to eat and enjoy the fruit of our hands this winter! I find something very satisfying about working in the garden, getting my hands brown with dirt, sweat dripping down my back, the kids happily picking right along beside me. Knowing all the hard work of gardening and canning will be worth it come winter. Something in Maine we are always preparing for! Speaking of winter I better go and get some wood on the fire before it goes out!
One of 18 tomato plants loaded with tomatoes! If you look close you can see the green ones!

I love the way the sun was hitting this tomato cluster! 
This is one of the many bushels of tomatoes I canned this summer!

The final products! The small one is pizza sauce, then pasta sauce, then stewed tomatoes! Yummy!

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  1. Tonight, I had my own oven dried tomatoes in pasta for dinner. Can't wait for next summer's crop.