Tuesday, December 7, 2010

meet the crew...

Well this is us!!
Abby & Time Out
                                                                 Minty, DaLaney & Daisy
                                      DaLaney loves her sheep, and as you can see they love her too!
The great mousers Laural and Hardy! They are great cats and are fun to watch too. We are very pleased that they are such good hunters and best buddies!

Back Row: Little Matt, & DaLaney
Front Row: Emma & Rachel 
Amy & Matthew
Magnolia aka Maggie
This is not at our farm, it is where we bought her. She was dry and going to calve in the middle of July!
Welcome high speed!! Very excited to have it, now I can share pictures! I don't have any pictures of the chickens that we have left, so I'll have to get one!! We put a heat light in the chicken coop, on a timer, so maybe they will lay eggs. I hate buying eggs at the store. I only use them for cooking, and I have a craving for egg mcmuffins and bacon too!! Oh well, we'll see!


  1. WELCOME TO HIGH SPEED!!!! isn't it WONDERFUL!!! I thought I saw an influx in the moth population recently!!

  2. welcome!!! Great pics!