Wednesday, December 8, 2010

check out my view!

I can see the flickering of the fire in our wood stove, yellow and red out of the corner of my eye and feel it's warmth spreading all over me and the house keeping out the cold, almost winter night air. I though of the beautiful sunsets that I get to enjoy almost all year long here on the farm, and wanted to share two of the sunsets we had this year. They are all different and breathtakingly beautiful, like a painter that turns the plain white canvas into something spectacular with the colors coming off the canvas and screaming "here I am!" I never tire of looking at the sunsets. Even when we are crazy busy on the farm I am sometimes shocked to see the time slipping into darkness and the sun peeks out from behind a cloud and sets it on fire with it's beauty. Both of these pictures were taken from across the street from our farm. I can see the sunset from my large kitchen window, but sometimes wonder outside with the camera to try to capture it's beauty, or just enjoy watching the sun fade down behind the mountains. I feel blessed with such a view and have enjoyed it for 11 years! Matthew and I have often said that one of the hardest things to leave behind when we settle our own land will be the sunsets that we have enjoyed here! We hopefully will have a spectacular view from our farm and will become native to that land! I hope you enjoy them too! 
This has to be my favorite picture of the sunset! I never get tired of looking at it.  It reminds me of my Creator that His art work is timeless.

Ahhh the beauty of life!

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  1. WOW! great pic Amy they Are SO beautiful~!............ and you are quite a writer too! awesome discriptions!