Tuesday, December 21, 2010

aahhh some chocolate fun...

DaLaney adding some peanut butter to the mixture. Emma making sure she got it all!

Packing down the Reese squares!

Some silly fun on the floor!

Matthew adding some more peanut butter! Emma peeking again. She tried her hand at getting the peanut butter out of the cup, and decided she didn't like that job!
Emma adding some powdered sugar to the bowl! DaLaney looking on!

DaLaney getting chocolate on the peanut butter balls!
The kiddos mixing!
Rachel getting chocolate on the Needhams!
Every Christmas season we make chocolates. I've let the kids help me too, lets call it a tradition in our family. They love to be in the kitchen with me, helping me cook. It's good practice for them so when they get older they will feel comfortable in the kitchen, and be confident chefs! Sometimes they argue about who gets to help wipe the dishes! Ah to have such a problem! I got these recipes from my Grandmother who still makes chocolates for everyone in the family. That's a lot of chocolate! She does it throughout the though. She always asks me on Christmas if I've made chocolates.Then wonders how I find the time with all the other stuff going on in my life! I have tried to do different ones every year and some of the same, but this year I've only made our favorites. So far we have had a blast making them. I managed to get a large blob of chocolate on my finger and Emma said "Mommy, I would really love to lick your finger right now!" I laughed and let her have the chocolate blob off my finger! She smacked her lips and smiled as she swallowed it, savoring the taste! I'll have some more pictures to share later on and the end result. Can't wait! And the dreaded fudge too. I'm gonna try it, again!  The kids are wanting to finish up and so am I!


  1. so my computer is having a fit, and did't put up a couple pictures. sorry. maybe on the next post!

  2. Amy I love it!! you look like you had a great time and everything looks yummy!!!!

  3. love the shot on the floor!