Thursday, January 13, 2011

check this out...

So we got lots of snow yesterday! Today was the clean up! I took a couple pictures of the drifts we got. We get some serious snow drifts too. Literally thigh high. I'm not the tallest gal around but let me tell you schlepping myself out to the barn to do chores last night with drifts to my thighs is NOT easy! Add water on top of that... Matthew was over at the mill and was going to be late getting home, due to the roads. We live in the country, need I say more? I told him the road was plowed, but the driveway was one huge drift. Last night was my MIL birthday, so in the storm we went over with supper along with other brothers. Nice evening with the in laws.Was nice to come home to a warm house though!
Don't believe me about the snow drifts? I can now prove it!

Yup, that is my leg in a snow drift to my thigh. I couldn't find my Carharts and had to go without them. Not happy. My boots are calf high, still got a boot full of snow.

Another shot. Yup just a point and shoot picture, but I think you get the picture. I had to traipse through that almost all the way to the horse barn to feed them last night! See what farmers do for their animals? It is a labor of love sometimes I swear. 
I took a picture of out back, and it was about 3:30 pm. This was what it looked like at my house.

Poor lonely clothes line. Can't see the driving wind and snow whirling around my body as I took this picture. 

All work and no play? Not on this farm!

That's me milking this morning! Yup we hand milk into a pail. We wear gloves when we milk too. Once we get three milk cows we'll get the milking machines... yummy milk!!

Emma. The sled got ahead of her! Looks like fun!

Our baby and the sheep.
Truth be told, I'd rather...

Someday I will do this!!


  1. Is that National Velvet? That is a fun movie to watch. WOW! I can't believe all of your snow, AND that you braved the cold and wet in your JEANS. Were they completely frozen cardboard by the time you got back into the house? Do you do anything special with all of your milk besides drinking it?

  2. Yes it is Nat. Velvet! Glad you recognized it!! They were frozen, the jeans that it. It wasn't too cold out though, just VERY windy. I make yogurt, and butter with the milk. I'd like to start making cheese this year, and try cows milk soap. I'll try it on myself before I try it on others! I don't even know if anyone would want to try it, but I've heard that Jersey milk is similar to Nubian (goat) milk where soap is concerned. So we shall see!

  3. I'm so jealous of your milk. I'm not so jealous of having to go and milk in that weather. lol

  4. Hey SFG, don't ya'll get snow down there? Never been to Kentucky before... would like to though!