Friday, January 14, 2011


 The kiddos are happily painting and coloring at the table so I figured I'd sit and show you the pictures of the dessert I made last night. I have a picture of what it's supposed to look like and what mine actually looked like. Funny how they NEVER look like the picture! Well at least mine never do, but they taste good. Usually. I've had a couple whoppers in the kitchen though!Yikes. Like my first time I made fried zucchini. Oh was that bad! Makes me laugh when I think about the look on Matthew's face when he ate it. I'll share my horrible/funny tale. When we were first married I was not a very experienced cook, to say the least. I put my energy into barn chores! I was given some zucchini and I loved my Moms fried zucchini, and I called her and got the recipe. So like a happy newly wed wanting to show off her wonderful cooking skills, to her poor unsuspecting husband, got things ready. Key word being fry. I put the battered zucchini in the hot oil, and it started to fry, all hot and bubbly. Oh good I thought. Smells great! Well, then I had to flip it over. Oops, now what do I do? I grabbed the closest thing I could find, not wanting it to burn! Well it was, can you see it coming??!! a plastic flipper! Yup PLASTIC! Silly newly wed, plastic and hot oil do NOT mix! Well it melted, and I wondered about that. Oh well so I lost the plastic flipper. I'll use a fork instead, not plastic this time mind you, and continued to fry the zucchini in the same oil I accidentally melted the flipper in. Not my best move. When Matthew came in and we started eating he wanted to know what it was so I said fried zucchini.( I don't remember what else we had that night). Well he took a bite and as politely as he could he choked it down, and guzzled down a large glass of water, and coughing he asked what I had done to it. It tasted like plastic! Gross! I grinned and told him what I had done, thinking I should have changed the oil. He agreed. I felt bad, him eating plastic flavored zucchini. He wouldn't eat fried zucchini for years after that. It made him shudder just to think of it. Poor guy. I wasn't in a hurry to fry anything for a long time after that incident. Wonder why?! I do now,  with stainless steel, not plastic. We laugh at that now, well at least I do. To this day Matthew doesn't like fried zucchini! So chalk it up to a lesson learned in the kitchen, and a jumpy husband when he would smell grease. He'd tease and ask if it was zucchini?!
So now if you dare enter my kitchen I'll share the dessert!! hahaha...

OK, this is what it's supposed to look like!

This is what mine looked like!
 OK, some of the difference is because I don't really like white chocolate, so I used regular semi sweet chocolate on the berries. And I forgot the cool whip, I actually make it with homemade whipped topping. No HFCS in that. I know, I know I have a cow and all the cream I could want, but for some reason fresh cream doesn't whip, or at least when I tried it, it didn't. I was tempted to put cornstarch in it, but didn't. Maybe I'll whip it longer next time, we'll see. I asked my man how he liked it and he said "excellent!" Not in season or anything locally grow, but so very worth it on a deary Maine day!
Until next time, happy cooking!


  1. yours looks better to me ,i'll take real chocolate over white chocolate anyday...and real whipped cream whether it whips up, or pours like cream!

  2. Looks Delicious! Your zucchini story is such a classic description of newlyweds! I'm sure all of us married folk have a story similar to that - maybe not all cooking. Mine was in the Laundry dept. Who says white socks are supposed to stay white??

  3. TY Jan!! I have to admit it was good!
    Funny thing about white sock Kelly's!! I agree, white socks are over rated!!