Wednesday, May 30, 2012

goats, goats, goats

SO the sun is trying to come out and dry up all the clouds and fog in the air. My neighbor told me yesterday in between the down pours we got about 3-6 inches of rain the other night. That doesn't include all the rain we got over night last night, and thunder and lightening! WOW some amazing sights and sounds last night. Thankfully they didn't last all night. But most of yesterday was rain and thunder storms. Chores were lots of fun, in all the rain...ya.
On inspecting the gardens this morning after chores it's not all bad. The tomatoes and peppers took a bit of a beating. I need to stake them up. I covered some roots to some melons. Some onions need to be replanted and about 2 rows are under water. I didn't dare go in the garden just along the edge, I didn't want to sink in and do more damage. So, we shall see how it drys out, if it does with any more rain that might be coming. Part of me doesn't even want to look at the weather reports. I just don't know if I really want to know. But I'm hopeful...

Well onto more fun and exciting things. We went to a goat show. Say what?! I did say it was fun. One of my kiddos is just crazy about goats. She wants one sooooooooooo bad. We did have goats at one point, but gave them to my sister. They tend to not like wide open fields with nothing but hay. They don't do well with that. So for now we can't have goats. One of my sisters has goats and was showing one of them, so we went to check it out. At the time we were there they were not showing, maybe lunch break. We waited around for quite a while, and only saw some does showing. We had to leave before she showed because we had tons of things to get done on the farm. But she said it was late by the time she showed. She did well too!  Here are some pics!

 My sisters buck. He didn't like that she was walking away, and leaving him!

 Some beautiful does.
 Goat pile. I thought they were cute, and my girl liked them.

I love the color markings of this Alpine doe. Just a beauty!
Some kiddos saying goodbye to a sweet little doe. They liked her too.       


  1. Glad to hear the garden did ok. Still keeping fingers crossed. The goat show looks fun. Something different.

    @ 3Beeze Homestead

  2. I love goats, but they are so, so...busy!

  3. Hey! I know that buck! Oh yea, that's right he's mine lol! weird seeing him on your blog for a change, hehehe!

  4. I love my baby goat, but he is a handful ☺ Glad your garden survived! We have had storms every night this week.

  5. I love my goat girls but you are right, wide open fields with no brushy stuff, not fun for goats! :)