Wednesday, May 2, 2012

seedling update

So we had a relatively quiet weekend. Thankfully. No more blowing away buildings. Got the tractor tent set back up too. I didn't do it though. hahaha
Been a busy few days for me. And rain. Only Monday so far has been nice, and not so windy it chills you to the bone. Had the fire going to keep the chill out!  The grass and leaves on the trees are coming along beautifully. Almost time to mow the lawn!
Here are the seedlings! They are doing well I think. We have been putting fish fertilizer on them once a week, and they seem to really like it! Praying for a better harvest of tomatoes this year then last. They got the blight late and rotted on the vine :-( So I had to buy tomatoes.



melons. they are kinda hawk eyed due to one of the kiddos running into them and knocking them on the floor. thankfully they didn't die!
Thats about it! Have a great day.


  1. Good job! Your starts look great! I fertilized mine with fish emulsion and they all died shortly after! I don't know if the sun, heat, wind, or fertilizer did it. But I had to buy plants :( Oklahoma didn't have a good tomatoe season last year from the heat wave. I am hoping for a bountiful harvest this year but we have already had 90 degree temps this spring so I am sure this summer will also be a hot one!

  2. Those seedlings look great! Mine are kind of pathetic - maybe I should try some fish fertilizer..hmmmm. Glad things have calmed down and all your buildings are staying put. I am not a fan of wind myself.

  3. I think most of us are hoping for a better tomato season this year! LOL!! Your seedlings look like they are off to a great start! :)