Monday, May 21, 2012

my weekend in photos

 Well sorta. I won't include all the laundry, dishes and cooking I did. But there was a lot of it. I had 7 kiddos all weekend. So needless to say I was busy.

 I just LOVE  these flowers. They smell amazing. They don't last long enough as far as I'm concerned. Our little lilac bush is small and doesn't have lots of flowers, but it's growing. It's a shoot off my MIL"S massive tree. When the wind blows I can smell the lilacs in my living room. I have some in my bathroom and kitchen too. Couldn't resist.

 A long time friend of Matthew's came over Friday to hang out. Then decided to work with Time Out (T.O)  We didn't get her tied into the shaves of the cart, but she did get introduced to them. She really didn't like them at first, but once she realized that these long, scary looking poles were not going to kill her, she was fine with them being there. Still have a little work to go before she's ready for the cart, but we are that much closer to getting there!! And we'll be working on it too! Now that the weekend is over!

Maggie chewing her cud under the apple tree. The grass has taken off. It's increased her diet, she's out all night, we've cut back her grain, and she gave 29lbs of milk the other day in one milking! That's about 3.5 gallons of milk.  That's a lot of milk. Looks a little like this, plus some...

So now I'm making lots of butter, and cheese. I need to try Cheddar, but it's really involved. That and I don't have a cheese press here. But I really want to try. I'll let you know when I do it. Maybe when we are done home school and my morning's aren't so busy... It's expensive to buy and we all love it and I like to cook with it.
Sunday evening we had our boy's cross over ceremony into the Boy Scouts. He had done another camp out on Friday with the Boy Scouts and had a blast. This time it didn't rain on them! He and his friend crossed over together. They have been in scouts since they were Tigers. Just little guys. Now to see how they have grown, and changed is wonderful. My boy has really come a long way.  We are so super proud of him!

Here he is getting his awards for all that he has accomplished this year in Cub Scouts. He's still a little bashful when he has to stand in front of everyone. 

 Here he is getting his Arrow of Light Badge. That is the highest honor the Cub Scouts give. It's a lot of work to get it too. It's the only badge he can put on his Boy Scout uniform from Cub Scouts too, (along with his WEBLOS badge takes 2 years to earn that badge). He and his friend both earned that badge! He'll be marching in the Memorial Day parade with the Boy Scouts this year too. Oh I can't even tell you what I feel in words. Kinda like a heart popping moment of love and pride when I see him growing into a fine young man.

His WEBLOS and Arrow of Light badge. That is how they will go on his shirt, when her gets it.
Have a fantastic Monday all!


  1. I know how it is with a house full of kids..everything else takes the back burner. Love the story of the Scouts...nice to hear about.

  2. Wow that's alot of milk! Congrats to your son, they grow up so fast :,(

  3. I love the way lilacs smell too and no they don't last long enough. The pail pf fresh milk looks so good. Congrats to the boy on his badges and his move.

    @ 3Beeze Homestead

  4. Congrats on crossing over to Boy Scouts! How exciting he will be walking in the parade too! Hope your weather stays nice! Love the Lilac Bushes. My neighbor has some and when the wind is just right their fragrance drifts over to us. Looks like you had a really nice weekend! Hope your week is equally wonderful!

  5. Hi there. You know you can make your own cheese press using a container with holes for drainage and either heavy books or some brinks. I have done that before I got a press. I got mine from Hoagger Goat Supply. Pretty reasonable too. Your cow is so pretty.

    I need to order some cheese cultures so I can make some different cheeses. I made some feta a few days ago. I like to marinate it in olive oil and herbs. But I do want to make some hard cheeses. So I am on the lookout for a small fridge to put out in the milk room for cheese to age in.

    Are you going to train your horse to plow and haul things? I'd love to have a horse to plow my gardens. But not enough room for a horse here. Good luck with yours!

    1. Kris- I will look into the homemade cheese press. Never really thought about that.
      In theory yes the horses will help plow and pull the cart. T.O is younger and still learning about life. They are quarter horses so they can only pull lighter things. But anything to get them to do something to pull their weight around here!LOL

  6. Love this post! :) How exciting for your son to become a Boy Scout and congrats to him for earning his badge! That IS a lot of milk! I have never attempted any of the hard cheeses with my goat milk, I don't have the proper aging facility. Yep, the horses take too much time and money to just be lawn ornaments! LOL!!