Saturday, May 5, 2012


A friend of mine is having her first baby . A girl! So happy for the couple! So I am making her a baby blanket. I finally picked up the yarn and have picked out the pattern that I'm gonna use, and even done a small trial run on it. It's a new pattern I have never made, and I think I can do it, if I pay attention. I have until some time in August to get it done...But I know 3 women that are pregnant and due around the same time. Guess I better get busy!! I love to make baby blankets! Here is the yarn. I just love the color! It's Persimmons. Kinda orangy colored. When I actually get some done on it I'll show you!
Do any of you knit? I can't crochet to save my life. It's bad all the way around! I'd love to learn to make sweaters.  My grandmother makes beautiful ones, I should go spend the day with her and try it out. I'd love that! She knits too.
Any who...

Oh and FYI I have two new recipes, one I made with my SIL, you know the one I hang out with all the time! Maybe someday I'll tell you her name;) The other I did not. SO that will be coming next week. And it's a whole lot of yummy deliciousness! If yer into that sorta thing!  Just a tease!
Have a fantastic weekend all!


  1. What a lucky gal to have the treasure of a hand made gift. I love the color of the yarn and can't knit or crochet to save my life. I cut up perfectly fine fabric and then sew it back together to create quilts. I like doing the smaller sizes as well- to start and complete something in a few months is very gratifying.

    @3Beeze Homestead

  2. I love the color of the yarn. I am crocheting yet another dishcloth, they don't take long ☺ You should spend time with your grandmother. Older people are so full of knowledge and I bet she would enjoy it!

  3. Snooks- My mom makes quilts! I'm not that great a sewer.

    Kelly- I get over to see my grandmother whenever I can. I treasure the time I have with her.

  4. Beautiful yarn, can't wait to see your finished baby blanket! :)
    I knit and crochet but prefer crocheting because, for me, it is quicker!

  5. I am an ardent knitter - but can't crochet my way out of a paper bag. That is a beautiful color! Be sure to post updates so we can see the pattern. In the summer, I tend to have cotten projects on the needles - just as long as I am knitting SOMETHING I am happy. I used to stress over knitting socks until my mother (the sock-knitting queen) made me sit down and knit with her. Then all was clear. Do, do, do go and knit with your grandmother. The best knowledge is learned by watching and doing.