Tuesday, May 29, 2012

gardening time

AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! OK I feel slightly better now. Not really. We planted our gardens the other day. It was beautiful out! Nice and sunny! Our little seedlings were doing so well. That night we had a light rain! Ah perfect. Then I look at the 10 day forecast and now I want to not have planted our gardens. Basically they are calling for rain, rain and more rain, oh and some thunder storms for the next 10 days. Fantastic! Now where is that sarcastic font? It's poring out there. I have a feeling one of our gardens will be a wash out. It's low enough and if this rain keeps up it'll drown the seeds. I'm concerned about the tomatoes. I have 30 plants! I really need them to do well, we want to save some seeds from them, and I need the tomatoes. I'm just praying that it really doesn't rain that much, and things will look better. I'm just not really wanting to look at the 10 day forecast again for a few days! I'm trying to look on the bright side of things. Here are some pics of the gardens.
 Ah the wonderful tomato! I love tomatoes!! I'm not one for going barefoot in the garden, or ever. I don't really care to have the dirt in my toes. My hands, that's another story. I love dirt under my fingernails and covered in warm dirt. During canning season my hands are usually stained from what I'm canning. Carrots and beets are the worst. I don't mind though. I know, I'm weird. I'm ok with that.

 More tomatoes. I have 8 pepper plants too.  I just really hope they are not green peppers. Yuck. The pic on the package was purple, so I'm going with that.  The rope is so I can keep the row straight. Drives my husband crazy if they aren't. I just laugh.
 My loves. Planting carrots. My boy every year gets his tractors and plows and plays in the garden with them. He's over there in the tomatoes. The hay field looks amazing. Too bad it's not ours to hay.
One of the kiddos took a picture when we were planting onions. I zoomed it and cropped it and just got our hands. I love this picture.
 Here is garden one. It's the one we started in, and over the years have gotten bigger. And now we have..

Garden number two! This one has never done amazing. We piled the manure on it over the winter to let it compost down, put more manure on it, and tilled it all in. The soil looked so different afterwards. So we are hoping that the manure works.The rototiller, corner of the horse fence, and bike add to the pic don't you think?!

Oh and with the wool, I was asked a couple time what we do with it. Currently nothing. I have a spinning wheel that my husband bought me, and yes I spin wool and love it, as do some of the kiddos, one gal in particular. But I'm hopeful to getting it washed, I could, but really don't want to. A friend lives down the road spins wool and has offered to help me with the washing of it, and maybe I'll take her up on it. I just haven't gotten around to it. When/if I do I'll let you know and snap some pics. I have worked some of the wool "in the grease" and it's beautiful!
 I have more posts of what I've been up too. So come on back! Have a great day all!!


  1. Looks like a lot of good fun work that you and your family put in to your garden plots! I do hope they do great this year, and that you don't get as much rain all at once. I'm with you on the dirt. Its ok everywhere on me, except my toes.

  2. I hope that your forecast is wrong! That is a nice, BIG garden(s)! The thing with peppers is to let them go from green (unripe) to red/purple/yellow/orange (ripe). I never realized I was eating unripe peppers. Blech.

  3. Oh I hope the weatherman is wrong and you get just a little rain. All that hard work.The gardens look wonderful from the pictures. Fingers crossed for you.

    @ 3Beeze Homestead

  4. Geez, you look much better when you plant than I do. I look like the biggest slob and I get SO dirty. Good for you!

    Congrats on getting all that done, and I hope the rain stays light for you. Flooding out your hard work would be awful.

    And yes, Susan is right. Though some peppers are green on purpose, those with a color have to be green before they ripen to the right color. So just hang in there!

  5. Thanks for the heads up about the peppers! I'll wait it out. Maybe I'll have a nice purple pepper to show ya!!!

  6. Hope the rain doesn't wash out your gardens! You could send a little of it down to Arizona...we don't start getting good rains until the beginning of July. Your husband must be very proud of your nice straight rows of tomatoes! :)