Friday, April 1, 2011

mother daughter bonding

It's been snowing all day. No this is not an April fool's joke either, I would not joke about such things. I don't really get into the whole pranking people on Aprils Fool's day. Never really got it. But anyways. I had to begrudgingly dig out the kiddos winter stuff again. Yes begrudgingly. I did not want to look at that stuff all over my house again. I wanted to cry when I saw it, the ski pants and the snow. But surprisingly the kiddos had fun in the snow, after all their complaining about it weeks ago, they were out throwing snowballs at each other and sliding down the snow banks! Imagine! They never sees to amaze me!!
Yesterday late afternoon (before the snow) I found myself home with just the girls. The boys had gone out rabbit hunting again on the last day. We were sitting on the couch chilling and then I decided we would have a home spa day. Never having done the whole spa thing myself, I took a swing at it! I dug out the nail polish and the clippers and all that wonderful stuff and we proceeded to have manipedi's at home! My girls are right into that sort of thing. Their best colors are pink and purple, no big surprise there right. So they picked out the colors they wanted. Then got creative about which hand, foot would be what color. They only picked two colors they liked best though! I like to paint my toes when I wear flip flops, and I even like my toe ring. The girls would like a toe ring, to be like Mommy! I might have to get them one for the summer! Wow would they like that! So while we painted toes and fingers the girls had hot coco and I had some tea, Tazo Chai at that! Yum. In the midst of making the hot coco it got spilled all over the table all over one of Little Matt's school books and all though the hot coco container. Now Little Matt's spelling book smells like chocolate, could be worse...LOL  So we proceeded to make some more after we cleaned up the chocolaty mess. We laughed and talked and giggled while we painted fingers and toes. I'll be the first to admit that I am not the best at painting those wiggly, chubby fingers and toes, but we had fun just hanging out and taking it easy together and enjoying a little pampering! Once all the toes and fingers were dry and the hot coco was gone they went outside and played in the dirt! At least they had boots on their feet! My girls can be real girlie then turn right around and get dirty while playing and not even think twice about it! I love that. They truly are farm/country girls! I didn't get a picture of them playing outside, because Matthew had the camera while they were hunting. But I did get a picture of all my wonderful girls toes and fingers! I did not take a picture of mine, and your welcome! haha
my girls fingers and toes, aren't they cute??!!! Can you guess who is who?

By the way, the boys did see some rabbits while hunting, and one of the kids that was hunting got one! Little Matt had a good time and is looking forward to going out again. But I'll have to blog about that later, after I get more information about it from Little Matt!

For supper last night I made a pot roast, and it was delish! I did get a picture while it was cooking, but didn't get one before it was devoured. All of it was gone! I cooked carrots with it, and had mashed potato, with gravy my family likes gravy, Rachel and I do not, and had blueberry pie for dessert. The pot roast and potato are gone. And only a little bit of pie is left! I guess hunting and a spa treatment makes everyone hungry!  But here is a picture of the roast. Made the whole house smell good with the seasonings!

Roast, carrots, onion, rosemary, thyme. It's Pioneer Woman's Pot Roast if you want the recipe, it's really good!! We give it two thumbs up times six!!!


  1. sounds like a fun time! I really like the colors! The pot roast looks very yummy!