Saturday, April 30, 2011

broiler on the loose...

We have some broilers that are doing really well. But we have one little one. And it is little. It can slip right out of the chicken wire of the chicken tractor! The others are way too big for that! They are 3.5 weeks old now. We come home and it's running around in the grass, it's never in the tractor! I think it's a girl, causing trouble! Thankfully none of the older laying hens bother with it, and neither do the cats! Surprisingly. But when we get close to the broiler it runs to the tractor peeping loudly and climbs back in! She stays there until we are gone and then takes off again! It's kinda funny to see this scraggly little white/yellow bird running around! It still has some chic fuzz on it. We always make sure it's in at night and it is, snuggled up with the other birds.

She's running for the tractor! Too funny, and yet kinda cute too! The broiler on the loose... she is running out of our lawn mower tractor shed!

Getting bigger, and notice the wire

This one just decided to pose for me. And you can see it would never fit through the wire.

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  1. I LOVE it!!!! I have 9 Barred Rock chickens and HOPE to get a bunch of broiler chicks in June, but my husband doesn't seem to think I will be up for the butchering. We will see. Still learning ;)