Friday, April 15, 2011

not farm stuff... food stuff... today

Because I just don't wanna talk about farming and all the chickens, horses, cow, pigs, and because I've had a piece of sawdust in my eye all day and because I'm feeling a little grumpy and cold, I'm gonna make you all hungry! Or at least I hope I can tempt you a little bit!!  I've been cooking, lots, no big surprise there right?! So I thought I'd share a few of my "go to" foods in a pinch! And the one's I've remembered to take a picture of! The pizza in this picture is not the normal pizza I make, but will make it again sometime, it was good! I lost track of the time and had to scramble to get supper ready. I loose track of the time?! Imagine!;-)  Still didn't eat until after 6! It's been 6:30 - 7 before we eat here lately. Maybe I should keep better tabs on the time late in the day! I have a roast in the fridge I need to do something with now that I think about it! And I know just what to do with it, thanks to my new cookbook!!! Oh and because it's spring, in theory, and I am thinking about BBQ, and all that yummy summer food! So I have a few pictures to share with you. Hope you enjoy looking at it!

My sister came over to have me watch her kiddos one night last minute, and my son was over the moon excited. He loves to play with his cousin he doesn't get to see very often. Then I thought oh no, their vegetarians. I told her to bring over some veggie burgers (b/c I didn't have any) and I'd whip up some homemade hamburger buns, and we'd have burgers, and home french fries. She laughed at me and said she's made them before and you don't just whip them up! They do take some time, but they are wonderful, and taste so much better then the store ones! I was just pulling them out of the oven when she and the kiddos got here. So my family had...

Yummy!!!! Makes the burger look small!
Grass fed beef, from a local farmer! At a decent price too! Home made buns! Tomato, from a local greenhouse! Onion, I have no idea where they came from I just like onion on my burger, lettuce, don't know where that came from either, probably California! Cheese, organic Heinz Ketchup, I'm picky about my ketchup and I like Heinz! mustard, and mayo. And chips, forgot the fries but oh was it good! Just wonderful! I had to squeeze it down to fit it in my mouth, after I got the picture of course! My sisters kiddos had their veggie chicken patties with the buns, chips and fries! Everyone was happy and full! Nope no dessert!

Then I made on a different night...

homemade pizza dough, potato, bacon, leeks, cheese

before it's cooked

after it's cooked!

It's Potato Leek Pizza, and it is really, really good!! I know I thought potato on pizza??!! I'd never had that before, much less leeks, so I thought go for it! 4 out of 6 liked it. My husband was one who liked it, he said it had really good flavor. I really didn't know how he would like it, but he did! Every once in a while I spend a little extra on one meal, and this was it, I used fresh mozzarella cheese, and that's not cheap, and I've only made it once, so yet another reason to make it! The cheese that is! I'll let you know when I brave that task again. I made it once and it came out like rubber! Gross. Really.

Then another night I made...
blueberry pancakes
Every time I make blueberry pancakes Matthew reminds me that it was the first meal I ever made him! We were dating and he was at my parents with me and it was time for supper and my mom told me to make something. Great I thought. Now I gotta feed this guy, and I can't cook! So I made pancakes. My pancakes were NEVER edible.  They used to come out like a lead balloon, and I was scared they would be horrible, but I did it anyways, and I was told they came out just fine! He still tells me they were fine, but I wonder... He still married me! Must be love right?? Hahahahaha

Then I made...
black olives, sour cream, and Colby jack cheese

chili, I just wing it when I make it!

So there you have a few meals that I have made. Nothing real fancy, but we like them. Some of my go to foods and others I just like to try new things. Like the pizza!
Have a great day!


  1. Yeah, I'm hungry but exhausted from reading all you do. I got a kick out of you saying your picky about catsup. Me too. I take my own bottle of Muir Glen catsup to the fairs to go with those nice big bowls of french fries with the skins on.

  2. Yummy on all the meals! I just love that pizza oh so yummy and the burger on my! I just made chili tonight with sweet potato bread and Stacy's chocolate chip cookies!

  3. doglady, a friend gave me some homemade ketchup and it was wonderful on burgers, but the fries not so much, it was the seasoning of it that didn't mix with fries but blended well with the burgers. i would like to try to make some this year and see how it tastes.
    jenny, mmmm on the cookies i could go for some too! i love choc chip cookies, i think they might even be a favorite!

  4. Ok, I have a confession. I am stopping over here to say thank you for reading my blog, posting a comment and for praying for our family through our recent hard stuff. Here's my confession... I know this is one of Jenny's sisters but no idea which one! LOL! I know, its terrible. But I have to say that I love your blog! And the food above, looks absolutely delicious! Nice work! I'll be back... and sorry?:)

  5. LOL Jenn!! Thanks for stopping by! I love to read your blog too!

  6. You have 100% percent succeeded in making us hungry :)