Friday, April 8, 2011

Alright, so I find myself at home with 6 girls! Aahhhhahaha. The ages are 2-7 yr olds, 2-5 yr olds, and 2-3yr olds! It's like having 3 sets of twins!!  I'm not quite sure how it all happened, but it's been interesting to say the least. They are all on the floors in the bedrooms, far from sleeping at this point... maybe before midnight they'll be asleep!
I've been very busy with the farm, running with the sap, and chickens, oh the chickens! They require a lot, and we have just gotten 25 Cornish X Rocks yesterday. So far they are doing well. I went to a Pampered Chef party last night at my sister in laws. I was late getting there because Matthew was getting the chickens and we had to get them settled before we left. I had done all the barn chores as well because he was late getting back home, and I still had on all my barn clothes and ran out to give the cow some water before we left and we are in the midst of mud season here and I had on my rubber boots. Little Matt asked me as we were driving down the road "your going to wear your muck boots Mommy?" Well at that point I didn't have a choice, so I said "looks like it." Oh well, guess I wouldn't have won any fashion contests but I enjoyed myself and the gals that were there are used to me, and take me the way I am! I think that's a good thing! I was told I didn't smell like a cow, so I guess that's good... I wasn't too concerned about it. I think I'm getting more comfortable with who I am and just "wearing my own shoes" so to speak.  The new laying hens are still getting used to their new home. The older laying hens are still getting used to them being out there with them.We haven't had any problems so far, they really don't pay any attention to them, and the little ones haven't tried perching on their perch yet, so we'll see how it goes.  I hope they all just stay friendly and don't have too much of a pecking order problem.
Thankfully the sap season will end for us tomorrow. We are pulling the taps and will be cleaning them and putting the stuff away until next year. We still have some sap to boil, but will be done with collecting. It's been a great year and the sap has really flowed well, compared to last year. We had that learning curve, but figured it would happen, but now we know what to fix and what to do, so next year will be better. I think thus far we have finished off 10-11 gallons of syrup. I have lost track and I like to keep track of all that stuff for my own personal records. I told Matthew I look forward to the season and I also look forward to the end. No more running and the days and nights are warmer and summer can come anytime now! He said he feels the same way.
We have gotten 2 pigs this week as well. Currently they are over at my in laws, but will be coming home when we have their pen ready, they are cute, white ones. I have no idea what breed they are, but most piglets are cute, I think. I don't have a picture of them yet, but I'll get one on here when I do. I like to refer to them as sausage and bacon. Don't want to get too attached to them...
I do have a picture of the broilers though. Chicks are cute too.

Sorry about the color, the heat light is on them. Cute little fuzzy butts!

Here they are!  Cute!
Yes there is a lager black bird in there with them. This bird is one from the laying hens. Haven't figured out if its one of the hens or one of the exotic birds, but it's rather weak and we didn't dare turn it out with the others. So we are pampering it and hoping it will come around and gain some strength. The broilers just love it, snuggling right up under the wings, and the bird doesn't seem to mind at all. It actually perked up when the chicks were put in there! We'll see how it does.


  1. hahaha, I forgot to give this one a title. let's call it farm life. how original right. best i can do right now! i'm ready for bed!

  2. psst you can go back and edit your posts silly...

    We'll be getting our broilers in a few weeks, and then the craziness starts all over again. Wouldn't have it any other way!