Wednesday, April 13, 2011

some random pictures...

And this is what they did after the buckets were collected, washed, and air drying! Right after I snapped the picture some wind came up and knocked some buckets down on their heads!! Matthew, one of his many brothers, and his sons came over and helped clean up the maple syrup stuff! It was a beautiful day for it too! I was thankful for the help, I didn't have to do it! Thanks guys!!

Me and my life! My kiddos! The only one missing is my man! We went and jumped in the leaves at my parents last fall! That is one thing we all love to do! The kiddos look forward to it every year. I think my parents do too. A day with some grand kids! What a blast we had!

One of the many snowmen the kiddos made this winter! They kept coming in the house and shed and taking things outside. Then they came and got me to see their creation! Rachel was sleeping when this picture was taken! 
I love, love, love this picture of DaLaney and her sheep. She just loves them and I think they return the feeling. They will go right up to her and they all just love on each other!
This is one of two Monarch butterflies that we found as a caterpillar and watched it hatch out as a butterfly last year. It was very cool to watch it fill up it's wings, gain strength, and then watch it fly to a warmer climate! I hope they both made it! The kiddos enjoyed it as well. 


  1. Love the pictures, and lots of work being done I see.

  2. What great pictures! Exspecially the one with you and your kids. You must have that one framed!

  3. Very sweet. Love seeing the smiling kiddo faces doing what kids do best... Having FUN! Cool Snowman!