Tuesday, April 12, 2011

busy days...

Despite my best efforts to post lately it has not been happening. Life just got busy. Geez can't imagine why! Endless house work, home school winding down, and farm life in the spring! Plus making some new plans for the farm! Now that maple syrup is done we are getting ready for planting the gardens and raising some meat! We have the broilers.Can't wait to have them out on pasture and fertilizing as they go! Maggie will be happy for the company when they are in her pasture. She gave us an almost painful moo when we took the chicken tractor out. She was mad when it left and ran around in protest. Kinda funny. Kinda sad. She really needs a buddy, she and TO just haven't connected yet. Matthew wants to get a heifer, I do too, so we'll see.

We took DaLaney to the ER the other day. She slammed her finger in the door at her grandmothers and then pulled it out. Well her little finger swelled right up, we were concerned about the knuckle. It's her right hand the fourth digit right on the last knuckle by her fingernail. Thankfully it's not broken. The x-ray confirmed that. She liked seeing her skeleton though! That was neat! Then the doctor, who was great, did a procedure to drain the blood from her finger to get the swelling to go away and not get and infection. The blood just oozed out her fingernail. It was so swollen her nail bed had risen, noticeably . It was neat how they did it too, I watched while Daddy held her head away so she couldn't see. I'm sure it felt better not having all that pressure in her finger. The pink color of her hand came back as the blood came out. She said it did feel better. Then they put a splint on her finger to keep it clean and from bumping it. The nurse said that she would need a note for writing for school, the doctor said her mother is her teacher! (he had asked her about school and she said she was home schooled that is how he knew I was her teacher). So now I get to write some of her work, at least for a day or two with the splint on her finger, it's hard to hold a pencil. She's right handed. I was really hoping for a lefty. I'm the only lefty in my family!

We planted a few inside plants, peppers, tomatoes to see if we can grow them from seed. I don't remember what all was planted. We've tried before but have yet to be successful at it. They are in the window in the living room, so I can see them and remember to keep an eye on them. So hopefully it will work! I'll let you know...

The sheep will be sheared soon too. The weather is slow to warm up, but I'm anxious to have it done and hopefully get it cleaned and be able to spin this summer! I know the kiddos would like that too, they like to spin wool too.

We have a bunch of birthdays this spring too. All three of our girls have spring birthdays. We have friends and family that have kiddos with spring birthdays too, so it's that time of year! Exciting, but sad, my babies are growing up so fast. Seems like I blink and they grow. Life seems to speed by and I can't seem to make it slow down, or get it all written down, remember everything and get enough pictures! At least my days are full of blessings and I have the privilege to have what I have, and am so very thankful for it!

I have washed, dried and put away ALL the winter jackets and ski pants, again! Now I need to get the snow boots put away after they are dried out, again. I am thinking that the snow is gone for good now. I hope.

Here is a cute picture for you to admire...

I thought this guy was just too cute to resist a picture! Fits right in there nicely I think!


  1. That IS a cute picture! I hope her finger gets better. She will probably lose her fingernail. I hope it grows back for her.

  2. Adorable picture. I hope DeLaney's finger is already feeling much much better! Good luck with the seeds. It sure is fun for my little one to plant them indoors and watch them grow. He will even get a ruler out and charts their growth in mm. We've already turned the first few weeks into a graph. Can't wait for the weather to hold so we can start planting outdoors too. Hope the weather starts heating up for you and no more snow!