Wednesday, April 20, 2011

april showers make my brain soggy

I feel like I have writers block lately. Every time I sit down to blog I just draw a blank. Maybe my mind is just soggy from all the April showers and I just need to let it dry out! That is why there are not a lot of post lately.

 It's been so wet it's hard to get things done outside, and if it's not raining the wind will blow you into the next county and it's cold! The ground is just so wet you loose your boots in the ground, I did today when I fed the horses! Today we have had rain, hail, thunder and lightening, and wild wind!

Not much is going on farm wise, it's too wet. We can't even spread manure because we'd probably do more damage then good at this point. We have the broilers, and they are doing well.Growing and eating us out of house and home! The laying hens are growing. The pigs are growing, and they are just cute! No I still haven't gotten a picture of them. They are white with big ears!

I could talk about food and show you pictures though!

And that's about it in a nut shell! Happy blogging all!


  1. I'm with you on the crazy weather affecting the ability to come up with some creative Blogging. We go from cold dreary windy icky to a half day of super warm and muggy and then spend the night awakened repeatedly by NOAA issuing Severe Weather alerts! Even the animals are beginning to revolt around here. But only 10 more days until May! Hopefully those pretty flowers we are all promised with the April showers will not disappoint!

  2. Thanks Kelly's! Glad I'm not the only one affected by the dreary days and weird weather!