Thursday, April 7, 2011

finishing maple syrup, part 2

OK! Here is part two of the maple syrup videos! It's about 1min 16 sec I think. Hope you enjoy it! Yes it's me talking again, and I still sound like the Nanny! The temp of the syrup is about 216 degrees, and it's a 2 person job to filter it and get it in the jars, so I didn't get that in the video. It needs to be hot to help seal the jars. As maple syrup cools it actually shrinks a bit in the jars. In the video I couldn't remember the name of the "brick floater", but it's called a hydrometer. We got almost a full gallon from what I finished off this afternoon. Then I wrapped it in a big towel and let it sit for about 24 hours, and it's sealed and ready to be sold. As the year progresses in the sap the maple syrup gets darker in color. We have some customers that ask for the darker stuff because they like it better. It tends to be a little sweeter and thicker too!


  1. just amazing. seriously. kaiya said, "i wish we had our own tree to make our own syrup, too." haha! maybe we can join you next season for a live tutorial and can actually be of some help :)

  2. MamaK- that would be fun!
    this year was great for the season, but we are glad it's now done.