Friday, April 29, 2011

flip flops...

OK. So now that I have your attention!! Hhaha. No this post isn't about flip flops, but I did just get some today at Payless. A bogo sale, so I had to get two!! I thought I'd share them with you. I think they are cute! Yup I am a girl that likes shoes! Yes, I wore them today and you can see my feet marks.Wore 'em right out of the store! At least I spared you my feet in them!  What did you expect the royal wedding? Nope didn't watch it. Maybe I'll catch a clip on You Tube.
Actually I've been busy, if you can believe that! I've got a few things going on that I need to hurry up and finish, and then I've got things I need to hurry up and get started. Makes my head spin.
Yesterday was kinda busy with school, house work, farm chores, and laundry see a pattern here? I also had to make a menu and grocery list. That takes a good chunk of time, well at least for me it does. It was a little humid out, and the kiddos were tired, so we all sat down late in the afternoon and watched a movie together, while I was working on something. As the movie was coming to an end Rachel looked out the window and exclaimed "Maggie's out!" "What?" was my rather surprised response. Again, Rachel pointing out the window with her chubby little finger exclaimed "Maggie's Out!" I jumped up and saw her trotting down the road. I grabbed a light jacket on the back of the chair in the kitchen, told Little Matt  "call Daddy now", and ran out the door to the barn. Not even really thinking I got some grain and took off after our cow. The wind was really starting to blow too, and it was even more humid. I called Maggie and shook her grain can, it was around 4:15. At one point she turned and looked at me, and I thought "yes she'll come right home". Wrong. One of my neighbors was in his door way with his phone to call me, the other was out working on his truck. Guess seeing a loose cow running down the road was nothing to get excited about and he just went back to his work and didn't look again. Maggie decided that my other neighbors cows looked like more fun and their grass looked batter then her hay. He has beef cattle, and a bull. Thankfully she's with calf (Haha) and not interested in him and he didn't seem to care much about her. But they all were interested in looking at each other, but none of them tried the fence. It was snapping and it's super hot! Thankfully! I talked to Maggie and she was looking and listening to me. I even got close to her with the grain and let her have a bite. Then thought "drat, I don't have a rope." So I dumped the grain on the ground and let her eat it. I took of running as fast as my legs could carry me (did I ever mention I used to run track?) comes in handy when your a cattle wrangler... I tell myself as I'm sprinting down the road to get the rope I forgot, I really needed a cow horse and learn how to rope. Again would come in as a handy skill... Little Matt was outside when he saw me and I told him to open the gate and Maggie's barn door. He said Daddy (my man) was on his way home. Oh good I thought. I might just need all the help I can get...I got some more grain, her halter and a rope this time. My lungs were burning and my whole body was shaking. (I don't run on a regular basis, but I'm glad I'm in shape to go catch my cow, and all my years in track taught me how to run) The air was so heavy and the extra weight of the jacket was killing me. I kept it on, not even realizing it was still on me, and wondering why I was so hot. Beside all the running. I told the kids to go back in the house and they could see me down the road out the window. I took off running again, and as I reached the driveway to my neighbors cattle barn I looked over my shoulder and saw My Man driving down the road to help!! He had the window down and called to me with a big smile "hey there farm girl, need some help?" I stopped and returned the smile and waited for him to get out of the car. Maggie was a little closer to the road by now. I shook the grain and she decided to run in the other direction. My FIL showed up and went down the road a bit and stopped. Matthew and I walked slowly, me catching my breath and trying to talk. I knew that Maggie would come to me better, so Matthew hung back and I went slowly to Maggie and again she came to me a bit and I dumped the grain on the ground, and as soon as she put her head down to eat I grabbed her collar tightly and didn't let go. She wanted to run and started to turn away from me, but I only hung on tighter and dug my heels in and pulled on her collar, she stopped and Matthew was there in an instant and got the other side. We slipped her rope halter on and took her home. I had to smack her on the rump a few times because she didn't want to move. But we got her home, and all was well again. The kiddos were on the back deck and came running out into the field and were very happy Maggie was now back home. Phew. The horses were running around and neighing. Guess they wanted to have some fun too! Thankfully I didn't have flip flops yesterday. Ever try to run in those? I don't recommend it. Bad, just bad.
Supper was late last night, partly because of all the cow chasing, and Matthew had to get some more logs sawed out at the mill. I did chores so he could stay later, and finish things up. We had Chicken Fried Stake, smashed potato with gravy (for those who like it) and green beans. I took a couple pictures but they didn't look nice at all, and made the food look rather unpleasant to look at and make you not want to eat it, so I figured I'd just tell you it was good! It really was too. I didn't have much for leftovers. I was told I could make that again sometime! :-) I slept really well last night too.
Today was another busy day, but a good day. We were gone all day. I helped Matthew over at the mill for a while, this morning, then made a delivery for him, then I went shopping. Of course the delivery and my shopping and banking were in two different directions. I took DaLaney with me. She loves to go shopping with me, and I enjoy her company. I like to take one of the kiddos with me. A chance to talk and giggle or just be together with none of the others around. It's nice to have that bond with them. I also like that they like to come with me. DaLaney helped pick out my flip flops. She liked that job. She also likes to push the cart and fetch things off the shelf. Although she decided that cart was a little too awkward for her to push after a while. She also got to pick out some real baby clothes for her baby doll. She just loves her babies and was thrilled to get some real baby clothes! She likes the color pink and picked out some real cute pink clothes for her baby named Eliza. (Well, thats her name for now. It changes once in a while).
Again we were late getting home and supper was late. I made Gorditia's, from a kit. I took the easy way out, and I'm OK with that. Little Matt ate 3 of them, and would have eaten more, but they were gone, with some chips, a little bit of left over Easter candy, a piece of cake, and a tall glass of milk. Some days I'm amazed what he eats. There are days he eats more then Matthew...oh and the teen years care fast approaching too.. too fast. But I still have some time left before they hit... my kitchen!
Well I'm done rambling for now. That's two days in the life of us as we know it!
Have a great weekend all!!


  1. I love flip flops ;) I'm glad I came acrossed your blog. I know exactly the "Oh man the cow's out." feeling. lol

  2. hey renee, thanks for stopping by! i can't wait to go check out your blog! the flip flops just became a new must have as of last year for me! but i still love my cowgirl boots, sneakers and my "classic" rubber barn boots!

  3. Holy cow! Glad you were able to get Maggie back, and you had family close by to help out incase it didn't go so well. That is some pretty action packed set of days!

  4. LOL! I live in my Romeo's, but during the summer I love my flip flops :) Have a fantastic day!

  5. Oh indeed boots are a must have as well as a horse who you can just grab out of the pasture clip some reins onto his halter and go round up the animals! Not only are they good for rounding up cattle, but they also come in handy for goats, llamas,and alpacas... <---the voice of experience there! More than one time I've been thankful for my horse and the roping lessons I learned from Ken McNabb!