Monday, May 2, 2011

monday confessions...

Welcome Monday! I can't believe I said that, but it was a good Monday! I think the weather had something to do with it! What an absolutely beautiful day it was too! The sun was out in full force with very few clouds and a light breeze! I decided not do the house work today, but to sit outside and enjoy the sun! It will still be there tomorrow (the house work) and it's supposed to rain. But I did get some laundry done and hung out on the line. I had to, I just couldn't let all that free, wonderful, solar power go to waste! I worked on a project while the kiddos played! Now that said, I did get some cooking done, and home school too . Let's see I made bread, cherry pie (Matthew was wanting one), peanut butter cookies, butter and supper! I have lots of pictures to show you!
After supper tonight we went out and Matthew got to work shearing Minty. She's our Finn sheep. (We have the hand clippers, not the electric ones, for now). A few years ago Matthew took a class on shearing sheep, with a friend from church. He was glad he took the course and has proved to make his job of shearing the sheep easier. The kiddos and I all stand around and watch him work, and take pictures of course! I have yet to try my hand at shearing... maybe someday I will... I will get a before and after picture up of both the sheep when they are done! And a picture of the wool! Looks real good this year too!
  Let the picture show begin!

my pie right out of the oven, I dropped a bowl on it, that is why it's gooshing out and broken. But it tasted good!

I've had a hankering for these, peanut butter  cookies!

I needed to make lunch, and needed some bread, so I made some!

This is the beautiful sky that I got to enjoy this afternoon! That's the hay field that we hay. It's really greening up too!

Matthew and the kiddos out shearing the sheep

Time Out decided she wanted to see what was going on, and nibble on some grass.

Minty being shorn. Her fleece is beautiful! I've spun some of it before and oh man it works up so nice! Smells good too, the sheep that is and the wool!

Our kiddos and the sheep. It wasn't that dark out, but it looks real dark when he was done. Daisy will be next, but ran out of time, and she was happy to have her buddy back, even if she looked different! 

My man's hands after shearing, all covered in lanolin. Not sure if you can see the shine on his hands, but it's there. Makes a great moisturizer! Nice hands honey! 
 That was my day! A good one at that! Hope ya'll had a good day too!


  1. Great job with the hand shears Matthew!

  2. It made me smile to read your post! This last weekend we had a day and a half of sunshine and it really does help the mood doesn't it?! We are back to rain :( Oh well.
    Your pie, cookies, and bread looked soooo good! I bet your house smelled AMAZING! :)
    I loved the pictures of your family. Have a great day.