Monday, May 9, 2011

monday confessions

I love a good Hallmark movie! Don't you? No, my life is not a Hallmark movie. I just thought I'd share that!

I like Blake Sheldon's new song "Honey bee".

Yes I had a nice Mother's Day. And I hope all you moms did too.

So things are going well here on the farm. It's not real warm here. Still. Only had a few real warm days. I did take one of my projects (that I finished) outside, but it was short lived. I got stung by a hornet, and the wind picked up so I came back in. I decided that one sting a day was plenty.

The horses are taking forever to shed out. I can brush them, but it's just not coming off. Guess that means it's not warm enough. Currently they look like they have the mange! They don't, they just look like they do.

So far our indoor plants are doing well. The kiddos like to water them. I've noticed in the last few days that they have really shot right up, and getting a nice strong main stem.

The broilers are getting big too. On Thursday they will be 5 weeks old. Almost time for their harvest. I haven't seen that little one escape lately either. Not sure if it's too big now or just had enough adventure!

They are not cute. But they sure do taste good! They will jump out of the tractor when Little Matt feeds them. He'll grab them and put them back in. Thankfully they are so wide they just waddle along. Kinda make me think of myself when I was great with child! Hahahah! The waddling part that is! Maybe when they are all grown I'll post a picture of them from day one, to the last day! Then you can see how big they get in just 7.5 weeks.

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