Saturday, May 14, 2011

yard work rambling...

I like yard work. I certainly like it better then house work and cleaning the toilet! There is always more things to do then time allows.
My lawn was in need of mowing and I got it done, and the rain hasn't started yet! Matthew was gone this morning so I got busy. The kiddos cleaned up their plither of toys all over the yard while I mowed. I only hit a few rocks that got thrown onto the lawn by the plow man plowing the neighbors driveway with that last snow storm we got on April Fool's day. Oops. Hope I didn't damage the blade...
 Last year we fenced in the what we call the "back lawn" for the cow, but well that didn't work out so we put the horses on it. Cuts down on the hay in the summer for them, and that cuts down a lot of mowing on my part, the horses do it! Takes me about an hour to mow the lawn. After I got the lawn mowed Matthew came home, I had just literally stopped the mower when he pulled into the driveway. We had lunch and he was off to plow the neighbors garden, so I cleaned the horses stalls, then raked up the rocks on the front lawn and cleaned it up. The kiddos raked the rocks on the side lawn. They did a really good job at it too!
We were able to put the cow out on fresh grass the other day. It's finally ready and dry enough! She's really happy about that, now the butter will be a darker yellow! Changed real pale yellow once she wasn't on grass anymore.
I'm done rambling. I was just pleased to get so much work done this morning before it rained. Oh I also made a cake to take to my in laws for supper tonight for our monthly meal together!
 I also have a picture to share with you!

"I'm not sure what I'm supposed to be doing here, but it just feels right!"
says the little Partridge Rock hen. She was just sitting there happy as you please this morning. So we had to take her picture! She's got a ways to go before she'll lay her first egg, but it looks like she'll do just fine!
Have a great weekend!


  1. Sounds like what we did yesterday. Then it rained. And rained today and is supposed to rain tomorrow. I need to work my cows for fair but not in knee deep mud! Hope it stays dry on your end.
    God bless

  2. Mary thanks! I know what you mean by being knee deep in mud! I'd love to know what part of the country your in!
    have fun training your cows for the fair! sounds like a lot of work!

  3. It has been so cold here that we are behind in our outdoor work. so guess what? The toilets got scrubbed and we cleaned out some areas that were weighing heavy in our daily lives! Great to be finished with that kind of thing too!
    Love the little hen. She is precious!